Wednesday, May 28, 2014


My sweet baby.  The next time I write one of these posts, he will be two - which is amazing in and of itself.  Where has time gone? - and already have become a big brother - which is beyond hard to believe.

I love, love, love this phase.  I loved it with Leah, and I think I might love it even more with Logan.  I'll be the first to admit: he was a pretty tough baby.  His first year, though I loved and adored having him, was rough on me physically and emotionally.  Over the last nine months, he has gotten increasingly easier and more fun, and that trend continues.  I adore watching his great big personality come out, and the way his brain processes things.

The kid loves animals.  He can name just about any animal you can think of.  He also loves trucks, diggers, basketball and food.  I am convinced more and more that boys are just boys from day one, because I did exactly the same things with Leah - pointing out trucks and construction and sports - and she was totally not interested.

His favorite foods are probably yogurt, cheese, bread and banana.  He also loves cereal, eggs, any kind of fruit, carrots and ice cream (but who can blame him?!).
No, seriously.  He loves food, really!

He has all his teeth, with the possible exception of a set of molars (okay, I confess.  I don't know how many molars he's supposed to have).

He has had two hair cuts, and has a full head of hair (unlike his sis, who was pretty much party on top and that was it).

The kid can't sleep without his blanket.  He's my little Linus and would carry it around everywhere if I'd let him.

He loves to dress up, particularly by putting on shoes, hats or glasses. Especially if he thinks it will make us laugh, then he's all over it.

He has the best memory, and I adore listening to his stories.  They go like this: "Kooger. 'Ock. Zoo!  Eat.  Up there."  Which, I happen to know 'cause I was there, translates to: I saw Kruger (the lion) on a rock at the zoo.  He was eating.  He was way up there!

Logan is still not my little academic.  He does recognize a handful of letters and a few colors, but he doesn't know his shapes.  He doesn't count.  He doesn't know the ABC song.  And if you try to practice these things with him, very often he will tell you, "Uh-uh.  Stop."  And you know what?  It's totally cool.  He'll get there in his own time, and in the mean time, his fine motor skills are strong, he likes to build and play with trains, he loves to read, he is passionate about the things he does like and he never, ever stops talking.  All day long.  It's a different experience than the one I had with Leah, who was eager to answer any and all questions directed her way and absorbed especially those things that were "learning-oriented."  Even so, it's neat to watch his brain process and get to have a front row seat to the way he learns - because he is soooo ridiculously smart, even if it isn't the more "traditional" way that I'm accustomed to after Leah.  

He is such a good sleeper!  We've moved him to the bunk bed at bed time, and, though he and Leah keep each other awake for about a half an hour, he typically sleeps from about 8-6 and naps from 12:30-2:30 or 3:00.  The kid loves to sleep.

He is already showing interest in using the potty, which is a good thing because we're at least going to attempt to potty train him before the baby comes.  He tells us when he has to go, and he knows when he's pooped (even though he doesn't always want to stop playing to get his diaper changed).  

He wears 2T clothes, size 5 or 6 shoes and has the world's thickest feet.  It's seriously a challenge to find shoes that fit!

He is so unbelievably kind and helpful.  He has the sweetest little soul, loves to give kisses and hugs, and is genuinely empathetic and concerned about other peoples' well being.  He hates it when others cry or are in pain, and he very often brings sister or me things just because he thinks we want them: water, a blanket, a toy to play with, whatever.  He enjoys emptying the dishwasher and helping me with the laundry, and he's actually really good at putting toys away.  He looooves babies, and tries his very, 21-month-old best to take good care of them and share with them.  I cannot wait to watch him become a big brother - he's going to completely rock it.  Every day, more and more I come to appreciate what a wonderful little blessing God has given us.  

We love you, sweet baby boy!  

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