Wednesday, June 4, 2014

Life update and photo dump

Well, the title of today's blog post might be a wee bit misleading, what with the implying that I have actual photos to dump.

It's a little like those paranormal shows (which may or may not be a guilty pleasure of mine, on account of their total ridiculosity and nonsense-itasticness.  #what?itsaword!) when they're all like ooooh, ahhh, a noise in the dark! and somehow the only possible conclusion is that it is obvious evidence of a ghost or bigfoot or whatever they happen to be "hunting."  Um, sure, because... if you declare something with such enthusiasm, it must be true, right?  Regardless of pesky little ideas like facts, truth or evidence.


So, without regard to any of the above mentioned, I declare: HUGE PHOTO DUMP TODAY!  Come one, come all and see what we've been up to for the last six weeks or so!

First up: Easter.  We did it.  We were down a daddy since he was (predictably) working.  So there wasn't much fanfare or taking of pictures, but we did the Easter baskets.  We did the dressing up thing, we listened to an awesome message at church.  We brunched and hunted for eggs. All in all... huge success!

Though, the Easter bunny did not bring us pants...

Still a no on the pants front.

First haircut.  The verdict?  He hated it.
Our little "before."  I love that he was in need of a haircut at 20 months.  Leah didn't get her first hair cut until she was three and a half.

Those eyes just say it all.

And then this happened...  

 ...and then this happened, and even the lolly pop wasn't enough to save the day.

But it turned out alright in the end.  My cute little grown up guy!

Summer is here.  It's been pretty warm, and the kids have been itching to get outside.

So we bought a sandbox.  And Mommy put it together - that's right!  And lugged all 100 lbs of sand (and waited for Daddy to lug the other 100 lbs) to fill it with!  All before being warned not to lift anything over 5 pounds, of course...

This is how we roll in the summer.  And yes, we are desperately working on getting the back yard up to snuff.  So far... well, we're getting there.

Glenwood Springs.  We went with some of our best friends and had an absolute blast swimming in the hot springs and exploring the mountains.  Here are the only pictures I took:

It should be noted that all four, soon to be five, children are exactly 15 months apart.  Except Logan and Lauren, who are only 9 months because some people jump the gun...

And there we have it!  All the notable moments I've captured in photos over the last nearly 2 months.  I'm obviously not doing such a great job on the picture front, but everybody is still getting fed, showered and loved so that's a win in my book.  Maybe after the baby is born we'll try again.

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