Sunday, December 28, 2014

It's still the most wonderful

I didn't take many Christmas photos this year.  I was too busy soaking it up.

Every year, I say that this Christmas was better than the last.  It has always been true, but it is so difficult to imagine that there will come a year to top this one!  Even though the kids were sick, it was such a joyful time.  The kids are at the perfect ages to enjoy the magic of the season, plus we got to celebrate Miss Olivia's very first Christmas.  I couldn't have been more grateful if I'd tried.   

We attempted to have a mellow Christmas this year, particularly in terms of gifts.  We feel so blessed, so we wanted to keep it simple and focus on the spirit of Christmas rather than the stuff of Christmas.  

Of course, our families got involved and pretty quickly put an end to that dream!  The kids had so, so many wonderful gifts under the tree, it was just amazing.  The morning itself was simple, partly because we were all sick.  We took our time, opened presents and then played, stopped for our traditional Christmas morning breakfast and got back to it.    

Santa definitely came through and brought both kids the scooters they had been asking for, and those scooters got some mileage!

 Besides the kindness of our relatives, the thing I want to remember most about this Christmas is how delighted our kids were - for all the right reasons.  This year was not about the presents for them.  They were equally as excited to drive around looking at Christmas lights or to bake cookies.  They appreciated each other's presence.  They worked on sharing and gratitude.  Leah's favorite part was sleeping by the Christmas tree with her brother.

On Christmas eve, we loaded up the van with kids, cocoa and cookies and drove around looking at Christmas lights.  As we were coming home, sweet little Logan said, "Mommy, I love our home.  I'm so happy we have a home."

Because we were sick, we didn't have family around this year.  The fancy ham I'd intended to prepare is still in the freezer, and I just pulled together simple meals from whatever we had on hand. But somehow, the house felt full and festive just the same, and nobody felt as if they were missing out.  The kids' voices singing Christmas carols, their blurry figures flying by on new scooters... it was perfect.

It really hit me this year what a big kid Leah is turning into.  I couldn't help but think about the fact that we're probably halfway through these magical childhood Christmases with her.  It won't be too many more years before things begin to change... and UGH, that is such a hard thought!  I just treasure the memory of the three of them, jammied and mussy-haired, hardly able to contain their excitement and anticipation while waiting at the top of the stairs.

It truly is hard to imagine that it gets better to this.

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