Friday, December 19, 2014

Santa Stop and Zoo Lights 2014

These are two of my absolute favorite traditions.

Santa comes to our neighborhood every year.

We walk two blocks over to the pool to visit him while enjoying hot cocoa, cookies and carolers.  There is also a horse-drawn sleigh to ride through the neighborhood, but because the line was long and we had a very tired Olivia, we didn't do that one this year.

 At summer camp in July, Leah absolutely fell in love with a pink scooter.  She rode on it every day, and it was all she wanted to talk about when she got in the car.  Several times, she asked if she could have one, and I replied that we would start making a list and she could ask Santa for it if she still wanted one at Christmas time.

Well, wouldn't you know it, she has held onto that thought for the last five months, and she followed through with her plan and asked Santa for that pink scooter.  With as good as she's been, I have no doubt he'll follow through.

Because sister has been talking about it all this time, Logan got on the bandwagon too and decided to ask Santa for a blue scooter - you know, because blue my favorite color!  It was pretty cute to see them very politely make their requests.

We also took some time out and stayed up past our bed times to visit the zoo for zoo lights, which is so much fun every year.

Just like the parade of lights, the weather was perfect.  Just the right kind of cold - festive, but not so cold that we were all miserable.  The kids enjoyed looking at the lights, but most of all, they enjoyed the hot cocoa that is such a staple at this time of year!

Best of all, we had Daddy around for these fun activities.  After such a long time away, we were grateful to be together.

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