Monday, December 15, 2014

Four months

Our little blue eyed lady...

is 4 months old already!

I suppose it's probably rude to have a favorite.  You always hear that parents don't have favorites, and evidently I'm the exception to this very important (lie) rule.

Because this kid.  As a baby?  She's the bee's knees!

Leah was absolutely wonderful as a baby, too, but I was so darned new at the motherhood thing that I was much too worried and anxious and busy figuring it all out to truly enjoy just how easy she was.  My sweet Logan has grown into the funniest, sweetest and overall easy two year old, but as a baby... well, he was a LOT of work.

Olivia's temperament is very much the way I remember Leah's being: super easy going and delightful.  I think if Leah had been the third child and not on the receiving end of everyone's undivided attention, she would have wanted to have her demands heard as Livvy does, but overall, Miss Liv is sweet, snuggley and easy.

She is not overly smiley yet, most of the time she's still pretty stone-faced.  But ooooh, when she does crack a smile - or better yet, gift us a little giggle - she just melts our hearts!

She is extremely ticklish, just as I remember Logan being.

She does not enjoy tummy time, and will only tolerate it for a few minutes at a time before a pretty good melt down ensues.

She will, however, lay on her back and look up at the little figures for a while.  Though, truthfully, "a while" is as much as she ever likes to be away from her mommy.  She's my little monkey, and prefers to be perched on my front 17 hours a day.

I tried her in the swing recently... was not a hit...

...but she does enjoy both the Bumbo and her high chair, and will tolerate both for reasonable periods of time so long as Mommy doesn't leave the room.

Especially if her siblings are there to entertain her.

She loves to be spoken, sung and read to, and can listen endlessly to any of those.  Her expressions when you address her are priceless.

At her four month appointment, she weighed in at 13.1 lbs, the smallest of any of my children.  (For reference: Leah, Logan)

She is such a great mixture, both physically and in terms of personality, of her big brother and sister.  Honestly, if you took a picture of Logan and one of Leah, and superimposed the two over each other, it would look exactly like Olivia Joy.  I love it.

Speaking of siblings, she is adored by hers.  I can't believe how sweet and gentle those big kids are.  Logan loves to lay by her, hold her, touch her face, whatever he can get away with.  Each and every morning, the first words out of his mouth are, "Hi, baby sister!  Can I give Olivia Joy a kiss?"

And Leah.  Well, we all know this kid loves babies.  Mothering Livvy is just a natural part of her daily routine, and she is so very good, kind and helpful.

It's a blessed place to be.  I am so grateful for these three.

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