Monday, July 6, 2015

The sixth Fourth

So, last year on the Fourth of July, I was pretty sure I was going into labor.  And we were buying a car.  Which takes forever on a good day, but if you're pretty sure you're in labor, it takes forever like that kid in  The Sandlot would say:  FO-R-EV-ERRRRRRR.....

As it happens, I just had a stomach bug (which I'll spare you the details of, because EWW).  We did not do anything festive that day, unless you think laying in bed contracting every 6 minutes is festive.  If you do, well, I was ALLLL over that.

This year, though, we had to do better.

So we packed it all up and went to celebrate America's birthday with some old friends, who have since moved to Grand Lake.

It was probably a good sign for our trip that we saw these beautiful elk, right off the side of the road, as we drove through Rocky Mountain National Park.

Aren't they gorgeous?  I'm not zoomed in, either.  This herd was right there, crossing the road and stopping traffic in front of us.  It was cool.

The first night we were there, we enjoyed dinner and ice cream by boat, and the kids had an awesome time running around, playing and enjoying each other.

The next day was extremely busy.  We began the day with a Fourth of July parade.

Two families, seven children between us.  It was fun and busy!

That's a smile, I swear.  A VERY excited one!

Leah and Logan both love service men and women.  When they see a military man, fireman or policeman, they always should "THANK YOU FOR YOUR SERVICE!" at the top of their lungs.  Well... I was pretty sure their heads were going to explode during this parade!

Sweet Logan was so happy, he could hardly contain himself.  There were tons of fire trucks and candy... basically all the things in life that make him the happiest.

It was so sweet, too, to watch the responses of our service men and women to the kids.  I don't think they are accustomed to hearing people say thank you, which is really a shame.  They were surprised and grateful to hear it, and it was definitely one of those proud mommy moments that my children so freely offer their gratitude.

The noise was a little much for her at first, but even Miss Livvy came around and enjoyed herself.

Next up was a trip to the lake.  Oh man, is this the mountain life!

I was so proud of my big girl!  She got out on the tube like it was nothing.

I think she was a little nervous, but her excitement was enough to overcome the nerves.  For the record, there's nothing to strap her in here, she just had to hold on all on her own.

And they didn't hold back!  She had a great time.

And my sweet Logan is SUCH an encourager.  He clapped and cheered for Sis, although he was not quite ready to try the tube himself, though I did get him to sit in the tube briefly for a photo.

He did, however, jump in and swim in that chilly lake as if it were no big deal!  Those swim lessons were put to excellent use!

Miss Livvy Joy was not a big fan of the boat.

Largely, I suspect, because of that life vest.  And the wind in her face.  And the fact that she hadn't had enough sleep.  And, you know... because life is hard when you're a baby!

Even I got in on the action before the day was over.  Something I haven't done since probably high school, and it was such a blast!

By the time I got to take my turn, we were losing the kiddos.  It had been a very long and busy day, and even the best things in the world can wear you out.

So it was time to head back and call it a day - at least on the boating front.  Especially since we still had fireworks to watch!

We definitely pushed the envelope of what we typically do.  I am so schedule oriented; to pretty much disregard everyone's sleep needs and schedule is not in my usual repertoire.  The fireworks didn't even begin until 9:30, and by the time we made it back to the car to drive home it was after 11.  The kids fell asleep as soon as they hit their car seats, which was a good thing because we didn't actually pull in to our house until about 2 a.m.

It was such a wonderful trip, though!  Worth every second, and so fun to spend time with good friends.

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