Friday, April 28, 2017

3 Weeks

Week three brought us poor weather, which is particularly delightful if you're snuggling a baby.

And, lucky momma that I am, I spent a great deal of time doing just that.  He's a really, really good baby, too.

I am doing better this week.  We were even able to get out to the Columbine memorial after the anniversary last Thursday.  A legal adult separates me from the terrified 14 year old kid who fled the school on a sunny April morning.  It's pretty amazing.

My current struggle is that moving still takes its toll on me.  I made a huge leap forward this week.  No progress for two solid weeks, and finally - finally! - I have some of my mobility back, and I'm weaning off of the heavy pain meds.  If I just stay in bed and don't do much, I can take only Ibuprofen.  If I get ambitious and attempt to actually get up and about... well, I'm really slow, I can't keep it up for very long, and it always ends with me back on the hard stuff.

I don't think I talked about this (really, who can keep track?  Thank you, Percocet for the blurry memories!), but one of the things I've experienced in the aftermath of surgery is some serious temperature swings.  I cannot regulate my temperature.  When my pain gets too high, I'll have chills.  The kind that shake my body until I'm sore and make me fear that my teeth are actually going to break from chattering.  I have to turn on the heating pad and get under all the blankets, or get in the shower when it's running hot to even begin to keep myself warm. This is my definitive cue to reach for the meds, and afterward they kick in, I sweat.  As in, buckets and buckets.  It's disgusting.

The doctor tells me that she's never heard of this as a side effect of a c-section - words every girl loves to hear from a doctor.  Again, though, she reminded me of our crazy spring and the stress my body was under before I was cut open and had a baby.  I suppose I'll be talking about this one for a while.  Although it didn't worry her, she wants me to come in for another appointment soon and keep her posted.

So the good news is: the crazy temperature swings seem to be on the outs.  This has been happening at least twice a day since the surgery, and just this week they've begun to ease in terms of both frequency and strength. As I'm writing this, it has been something like 30 hours since I've ridden that roller coaster.


Otherwise... I'm just enjoying having my little man here!

I know it sounds crazy when I'm talking about how hard my recovery has been, but I still wouldn't do things differently.  I'm just so happy to have him here, safe and well.  I feel certain things would have gone badly if we'd tried to do this another way!  He is so, so worth it.  

And, I won't lie: even this has not been as difficult as delivering and recovering after Logan's birth!

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