Monday, January 17, 2011

Double Digits

This post is officially a week late.  And what a week it's been at our house!  Full of fevers and mystery illnesses and lots of cuddling and grumpiness.  But that's a story for another post.

For now...

I have to celebrate Leah at 10 months (and 1 week)!

Ten Things I Love About Leah at 10 Months:

1. Her funny personality (see above!)
2. High chair time
3. That she flirts with everybody when we're out and about - so long as Mommy is still holding her.
4.  Her curious, adventuresome spirit
5. Her laugh, which could chase away even the darkest stormclouds
6. Her awesome mohawk
7. Gummy, open-mouthed smiles and kisses
8. The fact that she loves to look at everything she can.  (Not to mention, touch and put in her mouth if she can get that far!)
9. Singing and dancing, both of which she loves to do. 
10. The big, healthy, growing, nearly-toddler girl who wakes up sunny and ready to take on the day each morning and delights us all day long!

We had a hard time getting this 12-18 month hat on her gigantic noggin... I don't think we'll put her through that again, no matter how cute she looked!

I mentioned she's adventurous, right?

She is learning so much!  Waving and clapping, oh my!
Leah loves to go out, and she always puts on her best hammy face.

Of all we've been through with our sweet baby, this phase is unquestionably my favorite.  She absolutely amazes me a little more and in new ways each day!

As we inch toward the big -1- year mark, Mommy has mixed emotions about leaving her babyhood behind.  I do know, though, just how big we're blessed, and I wouldn't trade a single day we've had with that beautiful, big girl!


  1. She is CUTE x 10! I love her hair sticking up in the bear picture, and the books under the TV- looks like you are in full baby proofing mode.

  2. She is just gorgeous, Melissa! It IS hard when they get big, though you (obviously) want them to grow up strong and healthy. I remember crying (OK, sobbing like my heart was breaking) the night before Ella's first birthday. You are in good company when you talk about mixed emotions when leaving babyhood behind!!!


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