Thursday, June 14, 2012

A chip off the old block

No doubt about it, I was a water baby growing up.

Summer days were more often than not spent in the pool, or playing in the back yard on a slip and slide or running through the sprinklers. 

And you guys: my kid?  She's exactly the same.

I'm a big fan of Water World.  We're so lucky to be considered "residents," meaning that the outrageous prices don't apply to us.  Better is the fact that if we go after nap time, even the resident rate is cut in half, so going to this fabulous water park is no more expensive than going to the regular pool.

So far this summer, Leah and I have only been twice, and both times it has been awesome.

Seriously, the girl loves to swim.  She splashes and wiggles and jumps much more boldly into the water than anything she undertakes anywhere else. 

Because I taught swim lessons like a million years ago, I've been working with her any time we're in the pool (and sometimes, let's face it, in the bath) to help her get the hang of things.  It's really starting to stick.

She knows to turn herself onto her tummy, stick out her legs and kick.  Mostly, she keeps her legs under her and frog-jumps through the water, but it still counts.  She knows to blow bubbles in the water, and spit it out if it gets in her mouth.  All of this is with the assistance of her floaties, of course - we're not too crazy. 

She adamantly insists, "No Mommy, don't help me!  Let me do it by myself!" And so I do. 

And I have to say, I'm pretty tickled with her progress. 

I might even try to get some pictures next time we go... it's hard though, because I can't resist getting in the pool and playing with her!

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