Saturday, September 1, 2012

We won the big sister lottery

So, you guys?  I know everyone thinks their kids are awesome.  And since we all blog, we get to brag about just how awesome our kids are. 

Besides, it's only natural.  Part of that Mommy code; if we weren't all convinced our kids were awesome, we probably shouldn't be having them in the first place.

So in that spirit, I tell you honestly.  My kid?  She's like some kind of super awesome from another planet. 

Besides that whole cuter than words meeting in the delivery room (which I have every intention of posting, because it's like my new favorite video), this girl is THE.BEST big sister.

We've been home from the hospital since yesterday, and this kid has done nothing but attach herself to me and her baby brother.  She is honestly happiest when she gets a job, and will do anything and everything that mommy asks of her. 

The love this little girl radiates for her baby brother is amazing.  I hear her talking to him: "Whatsa matter, honey?  Can I help you?"  "I love you, Baby Peanut."  "Is that my Baby Logan?  Can I hold him?"  "Is he eating his dinner from Mommy's boobie?!  That's so silly!" (This one has been quite a conversation starter in our house for several months as we tried to prepare her for it... I mean really.  What a crazy concept to explain!)

She reads to him, she "cooks" for him, she puts blankets on him, she helps Mommy change his diapers.  She worries about whether he is too cold or too hot.  She finds those tiny socks that get away.  She would spend her days hugging and kissing him, if it wasn't just a touch too much for the little guy. 

But she's about as sweet as can be to her mommy, too.  She's just my little sidekick, and is so helpful in worrying about me.  She brings me water and helps me do laundry and asks how I'm feeling.  I can't help but feel abundantly blessed when I watch the way this little sweet, empathetic, kind and caring person is emerging every day. 

Seriously.  Could she be more awesome? 

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