Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Two weeks

I'm still adjusting - slowly - to the fact that I'm a mom of two. 

One was pretty awesome.  One felt like we got incredibly lucky, beyond what we could have ever deserved.  One also felt like we were two naiive kids wandering into this thing called parenthood.

Two feels like a family.

As in, we knew exactly what we were getting into, and we chose to do it again anyway

Two weeks in, we're pretty enamoured of this little guy. 

He has gained almost a pound, weighing in at 8lbs 4 oz.  Which, if you think about it, is actually more because he left the hospital somewhere in the high 6 lb range.  All that nursing is paying off!

He is a champion sleeper.  I'd wager he is only awake for a total of about 6 hours a day. 

He's also a champion eater, my sweet little guy.  He nurses darn near every hour to hour and a half, and he cluster feeds on top of that.  I am up a lot at night, but it's only because he eats so frequently.  He nurses and falls immediately back to sleep (assuming he was ever really awake to begin with.  I wish I could say the same). 

Is generally a content little dude.  His goal in life is to fall asleep while nursing and have me hold him until he wakes up.  You can imagine how well that's working in a house with a two and a half year old... so he gets a little grumpy when I can't accommodate him.  He's also not a fan of having his diaper or clothes changed; other than that, he's quite sweet and happy. 

He opens and closes his hands after watching me do it.  I love this mimickery.  He also turns his head toward me when I kiss him.  *LOVE* those baby mouth kisses. 

I'm surprised by how mello I am about the baby thing this time around.  It probably has to do with the fact that I've already managed to keep one alive, and she's turned out pretty well to boot.  The things I agonized over the first time don't phase me.  I don't need to run to the internet or a book to double check that I'm not totally damaging my child. 

I'm actually pretty confident in my own mommyhood this time through, and that's a nice feeling.  I know what works for me and for my family, and I'm not terrified it's the wrong thing.  I still have worries, but I'm sleeping much more soundly this time around - literally, as last time my worries kept me awake the better part of the night.  I rather like it, and I hope it keeps up. 

And in the mean time, I'm pretty thrilled about getting to see this little face every day...

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