Friday, September 14, 2012

'Cause Momma's memory is not so good

Some of my favorite posts are the ones that tell the story of our average, every day lives. 

I don't know why they appeal to me so strongly; there is something about the extraordinary in the ordinary that captures my attention.

On that note, I have always had a special place in my heart for this post, which I wrote when Leah was about a month old.  It's a very honest picture of what life is like with a newborn.

So, in honor of honesty, here is my "do-do" list for Thursday, September 13th.  And, for the record, I had to look up what day it is, because I'm truly that out of the loop.

Hours of sleep: 5ish (as in, sleep 1 hour, feed a baby.  Sleep 2 hours, feed a baby.  Sleep 1 hour, repeat.)

*Fed the baby and put him back to bed
*Got up with the big girl
*Took her potty, pantied and dressed her
*Made oatmeal and raisins for breakfast
*Ran upstairs to check on a crying baby, who was (thankfully) being changed by his daddy
*Dressed a baby
*Started a load of laundry
*Ate breakfast while nursing a baby
*Cleaned up the big girl's breakfast
*Took her potty, and changed her pants when she'd already peed
*Put away a folded load of laundry from yesterday
*Got myself dressed
*Nursed a baby
*Took the big girl potty
*Found a spider in the diaper bag and freaked out
*Thanked hubby for killing the spider
*Kissed my husband for getting big girl shoe'd and in the car
*Errand to Target, baby sleeping, mission accomplished
*Took the big girl potty
*Errand to Joann's Fabric, baby woke up and cried
*Left Joann's without purchasing anything due to crying babe
*Drove home
*Took the big girl potty
*Washed her new Halloween cup, purchased at Target, and got her some juice
*Nursed the baby
*Prepared lunch: left-over fettuccini, pineapple and goldfish
*Reheated a bowl for myself, ate it while nursing a baby
*Cleaned up the girl's lunch
*Heated milk
*Put clean sheets from the dryer on Leah's bed (Baby had to cry a bit during this one)
*Read to and rocked the big girl while nursing a baby
*Put the big girl down for her nap
*Chopped onions and peeled potatoes, started the crockpot for dinner
*Started a new load of laundry
*Nursed the baby
*Napped on the couch with the baby *STILL BLISS*
*Nursed the baby
*Changed his diaper
*Took a big girl potty
*Folded laundry and started a new load
*Took the big girl potty
*Watched as Leah played outside
*Nursed the baby
*Let Leah watch TV AND I also put the baby down so that I could cook bacon for our dinner, 'cause you really can't do that while holding a baby.
*Let the bacon burn a little because I had to nurse the baby while it was cooking...ooops.
*Chopped green onions and finished off the Potato-Bacon soup for dinner
*Continued to let Leah watch TV so all of this could be accomplished
*Cleaned up a potty accident because I was busy doing other things and didn't take the big girl potty in time
*Changed Leah's drawers
*Kissed my hubby when he came home
*Ate dinner while nursing a baby
*Gave the baby a bath in the sink while Daddy gave Leah a bath in the tub
*Diapered and jammied a baby
*Washed half(ish) of the dishes before being interrupted and having to abandon it
*Nursed a baby, and then again.  And again (gotta love the cluster feeding)
*Said good bye to my husband, who was spending the evening installing new floors in our new house
*Checked a few e-mails for church
*Wrote half of this post and had to finish it the next day because I had to nurse a baby again
*Barely got my own teeth brushed, pajamas on, vitamins and medicine taken, etc before putting the baby to bed.  Yes, this did involve nursing.  We do a LOT of that around here. 

And, since new mom's aren't famous for their powers of retention, that's life with a two week old.

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