Sunday, October 28, 2012

Two months

It's crazy how fast time goes.  I don't much recall his first month of life.  It has disappeared into a haze of anxiety, little sleep, infection and trying to move into a new house.  Casey and I couldn't even get it together enough to take his "official" one month old photo. 

But we're starting (emphasis on the starting) to get settled and into a routine, and things are becoming a little less hazy. 

Some things about my sweet little peanut at 2 months:

He has grown out of the following: all newborn and 0-3 month clothing.  3 month clothes are hanging on for dear life, and he actually fits in 6 month clothes.

I've upgraded his diapers to the next snap, because the newborn enclosure is too small.

He has three modes: Awake happy, awake unhappy, and asleep.  He is both smiley-er and more prone to tears than Leah was.  Both his smiles and his sad faces are ridiculously awesome. 

Still eats a ton, but we've downgraded from every single hour and a half to sometimes being able to go two or three hours in between feedings. 

Is beginning to sleep better through the night.  He goes to bed wonderfully at 8, and I'm usually only up twice with him through the night. This is a HUGE triumph, because I was up... I don't even know.  A LOT more than that.

His goal in life is still to fall asleep while nursing, and I will admit that I love the way he has to keep his tiny hands on that part of me as much as I'll let him. 

Is continually carted around in the Moby wrap. I have far fewer pictures of him than I'd like, but it's because I'm always holding him. This boy looooves to be snuggled up against his momma.

He holds his head up quite well.  Just as with Leah, I get tons of comments about how strong he is.  My children don't melt into me while they're being held the way most newborns do.  They both loved to hold their heads up and look around.

Does well in his bouncer, and enjoys talking to and playing with toys.

Has rolled over from his back to his stomach - or, mostly, anyway. 

Loves to support his own weight on his legs, just like his sister did. 

Hates the car.  Just like his sister did.

Is loved and adored by his momma, daddy and big sister.  We feel so fortunate to have this special little man in our lives!

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