Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Catch up

So, the truth here is that I haven't been able to post any pictures for almost a month.  Why?  I have absolutely no idea.  It won't troubleshoot, but other people are having this issue as well, so I'm hoping the proverbial "they" will fix it soon.

I've held off on posting some of the things I've already written because I can't add the photos that would finish them off, and it's given me another excuse - besides all the other things taking my time - not to write any new posts.

Logan is five weeks old, and pretty darn incredible in his mother's humble opinion.  But there have been some other kind of important changes in our lives as well.  Like, you know, the really big kind.

Just to start off with, we closed on our new house the same day we left the hospital (the first time... that would be prior to having to go back again).  Luckily, Casey had power of attorney so I didn't have to take my brand new-born son to an office building at three days old. 

In the days since...
Casey drove an hour each way to instal new flooring throughout the house.  Mostly in the middle of the night.
New fixtures (light and plumbing).
We painted Leah's room.
Carpet was installed.
Casey painted the fireplace, staircase banister, windowsils and many of the doorframes with a fresh coat of white.
New appliances were installed - half by my hubby.
One week ago, we moved from Littleton into our new home.
We've unpacked approximately 15 (of like 700) boxes.
Furniture has been assembled, moved and moved again.
Corners, walls, windows, cabinets, shutters and more have been washed.  And vaccuumed.  Then again.
Our kitchen is almost entirely set up. 
So is Leah's room.
The rest of the house... not so much.
I still have a two and a half year old.
I still have a newborn.  He still does all the things newborns do, including eating round the clock, needing his mommy all the time and that other thing in his diaper that I have to tend to due to all the eating.
I'm still recovering - although I'm sooooo much better - from that whole giving birth process.
Casey still has a job that he has to go to.
With not enough sleep in between.

Suffice it to say, we've been a little busy.

I can't describe the joy and happiness we've been blessed with - it's pretty much unequaled in this season of our lives.

I also have to record that I'm as overwhelmed as I can remember being in my life.  I have been pretty much since May when we learned we'd actually have to move.  The process of finding a house, moving to my mom's, finally finding THEONE, bidding, losing, negotiating, getting, renovating and finally moving into it.  While in my third trimester.  Immediately after having a baby. 


I think it was Charles Dickens who wrote about the best and worst of times (and if it wasn't, I'm blaming post-baby brain), and that's absolutely how I feel.  I'm not sure Casey is going to recall his son as a newborn, and I mean that seriously. 

So that's where we've been.  I'll post pictures when I'm able; the transformation is pretty cool.

Leah adores her new house.  Before we moved in, she was telling strangers that we had a new house and she was going to have a new room.  She loooooves her new room, and it's not even finished yet. 

The house we're going to raise our family in.  The house my children will always call home.  It will be worth it, even though it has been hard. 

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