Wednesday, October 16, 2013

Hold still and stop crying, Mommy wants a photo.

With our anniversary and Casey's birthday only a week apart every year, the challenge always becomes how to adequately celebrate both. 

One of the many ways we're a good fit is that neither of us are really hot for birthdays.  We kinda just skip them - a nice card, a nice meal, a happy birthday, now let us never speak of this aging thing again.  Except, this one was THE BIG ONE for Casey.  His first "official," grown up birthday. 

And so I planned a little trip.

Five (and also four) years ago, we got married in Vail, which is one of the most astoundingly, breath-takingly beautiful places on Earth to visit in the fall, and it seemed only natural that we celebrate our two milestones here.  

It didn't disappoint. 

I wish I could bottle the emotions that are evoked for me in this particular place.  The first year we were there, newlyweds of only a handful of hours, I remember taking it all in and thinking: I need better words. The smell of that crisp mountain air, tinged with the richness of the falling leaves, a hint of some far-off fire warding off the chill and something delectable cooking in one of any dozen mind-blowing restaurants; you guys, it's heaven on Earth.

And the colors.  Oooooh, the colors.

Pictures just don't do it justice.  The bright golds.  Dazzling reds.  Deep greens.  Sigh.  I could wrap up and swim in their warmth and grace.  

Of course, reality, however well disguised or even suspended, always returns.  Once you're a parent, reality is never very far away, and there are always a few reminders of the intervening years that have past since we were glowy newlyweds.  

For example...

...I just wanted a picture of my darling, beloved littles crossing this bridge.  Because I was pretty sure that if I could get it, it would be good.  Like really, really good.

But reality.  Darn you, reality.

So... that happened.  So much for my lovely, sweet happy-siblings-on-a-bridge picture.  Eat your heart out, Norman Rockwell.  Or rollover in your grave, whichever comes first.

  We even tried again the next night: 

I call it: "Everybody scream while I try to do something nice for the family."  Classic.

That face right there pretty much sums up Logan's feelings about the trip.

Poor kid.  Life is rough when you're Logan.  People kept asking me what's wrong? and is he sick? and how can we help? and the answer is... well... he's just Logan. Life's either hilarious and awesome or completely abysmal.  A trip to Vail was obviously the latter.

I got a few good ones of Leah:

 She only melted a few times, a nice balance to Brother's complete 24/7 teary freak out (usually to fill the silence during his few happy periods, but who's keeping track?).

Despite all of this, we had a lovely time.  The scenery was fabulous, and even though there were definitely moments where we struggled, we just adore these two.  It was a wonderful time out from our regular life.  Even when the baby pooped on the floor.  Yep.


  1. We were right next door in Aspen last weekend celebrating our Anniversary too! We went kid-free though which was very nice. It was our 10 year! It was beautiful with the snow and changing leaves! I love Vail too!
    I loved seeing your pics. We have many similar ones - I have a little "Logan" as well - not the name, but the spirit! Keeps life interesting (and maybe a bit frustrating at times)!

    1. Yay! Happy anniversary to you guys! It's such beautiful country, I just melt every time I'm up there. I think you probably did it right... as much as we love having the kids around and as fun as it is to vacation with them, I think next time we'll make Vail a solo trip. There are other places for the fam, Vail is probably more suited to just us grown-ups! :) YES, the "Logan-spirit" definitely keeps things interesting!!! And ensures that bed time is OH such a happy time of day!! :)


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