Thursday, October 3, 2013

Ten, five and thirty

2013 is kind of a big year for us.

Not because we've done anything ground breaking.  We didn't cure any diseases or end world hunger.  We didn't get pregnant or have any babies.  We didn't move from one house to the next.  It was just an average, typical year for us.

With a few rather large milestones along the way.

For starters, in January we celebrated our first decade of togetherness.  (And one of my all time favorite posts to commemorate it.)

Today, we celebrate our fifth year of marriage.


....and, for that matter, our fourth year of marriage....


And, in one week, my wonderful husband will turn thirty.  Milestones, milestones.

Every year, I'm in awe of just how far we've come since our days as college co-eds.  It has been the most wild ride of my life - and without question, the most incredible.

We decided to get married a full year before our "set" wedding date because we just couldn't go one more day without being married.  We were - like - soooo in love, you guys.  For reals.

What I couldn't have imagined at the time was how much more in love with him I could fall as I watched him grow.  First into a husband, and then, as he locked eyes with our brand new daughter for the first time, into a father.  And again when he went from inexperienced and tentative to seasoned and comfortable the second time around.  And every day, as he tackles the challenges, big and small, of our lives together, from diapers to midnight wakings.  And as we work together to accomplish our life's goals.

In these extraordinarily ordinary moments, I have discovered a love that is so much greater, so much deeper than the one I pledged five years ago to be faithful to forever.  

I've already married him twice, and you can bet I'd accept all over again if ever he asked.

Happy anniversary to the love of my life, the best dad I know, and my very best friend.  Thanks for proving to me that some things only get better with time.

I love you.

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