Saturday, November 16, 2013

Pre-Thanksgiving funk and other randoms

I have been so spoiled the last few days it's ridiculous.

Well, I suppose maybe I should preface that by explaining that my husband finally came home after the world's longest 11 day trip (Tuesday) and my body promptly gave out.  The cold I'd been fighting for the entire duration of his trip caught up with me the same day he came home (seriously?  Bodies are amazing!  Thank GOD I made it through that trip without getting sick, we all would have died!  He got home and literally within five hours I was full-on, no-holds-barred sick.  Go figure.).  I spent yesterday in bed running a fever.  

BUT.  Compared to chasing after my energetic two all alone?  It was heaven on earth.  Thanks, hubby!

I'm in a strange funk this year, which is super out of character for me, since October and December bookend my absolute favorite hundred days of the year.  I have all these projects to do, but none of them seem to be getting done.  It's like I have to actually tackle them to make them happen... weird, right?

So this is a completely random collection of things I've either a) attempted, b) been thinking about or c) plan to do.  Soon.  Ish.  Unless I have another cup of cocoa.  

1) The Thankful Tree.

Not a new idea, I know, but I love it.  I'm longing for a different way to recount our family's gratitude this year.  Probably because I'm the Thanksgiving Grinch and I'm finding the 30 days of thankfulness Facebook thing totally cliche.  I told you!  F-u-n-K!  

2) Thanksgiving Prep.  We are hosting Thanksgiving this year!  I have to confess, I am kind of ridiculously excited.  It has been at least two years since we hosted the holiday meal, and I have to brush up on my hostess skills.  You, too?  You might want to check out this handy little helper.  

3) Let's talk about these giant carts at Target.

People, I hate them.  Loathe.  And I rarely loathe anything when it comes to Tarjay.  But I can't drive this stupid cart, and when I try I bump into things and force other customers to report DUI shopper to that cop guy at the front.  Of course, to children they look like superawesomefuntime, resulting in my three year old begging to ride and melting down when mommy explains that there's this thing called child protective services, and they are likely to come to our door if mommy has to drive this monstrosity.

4) Is it just me, or does Starbucks completely rule the holiday season?

I set my internal celebrating clock by them.  When does the pumpkin spice latte come out?  On the first official day of fall!  Of course, we might also read: what's the first official day of fall?  When the PSL comes out!  I had my first Eggnog latte today, therefore I dub today the official start of the holiday season.  I know there are those who begin celebrating Christmas on November 1 (I'm looking at you, every retail establishment in the country), but I've been intentionally holding off.  UNTIL NOW.  Game.on.

5) I made the most delicious pumpkin cookies for Halloween.  

Seriously, they were to die.  And totally fat free if by fat free you mean containing approximately three sticks of butter.  We packed them up and took them to a few of our neighbors, but only after eating a clean dozen on our own.  The best example of worth it! calories I've tasted in a long time.

6) Love those "family rules" signs.  I'm contemplating making our own - perhaps a New Year project?  

... but how to boil down the thing your family stands for to a handful of words?  What would your family's be?

7) This year, both Food Network and Hocus Pocus celebrate their 20th anniversaries!  Just because it's fun to highlight things that make us feel old... 

Incidentally, not as old as Sarah Jessica Parker or Bette Midler, but still.

One of my all time favorite movies, since this is soooo my generation.  I also had a crush on Zach, in case you were wondering, because he was, like, all that and a bag of chips.

Have a great weekend, everybody!

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