Friday, November 29, 2013


It is still amazing to me how you set out to have a baby, and before you can even bat your eyes what you have no longer resembles a baby so much as a tiny tornado of opinions, wants and personality.  In other words... a person.

How does that happen so fast?! Hopefully none of us are so naive as to believe that the sweet little bundle we held in a hospital bed won't one day grow into a person, yet at the same time, there is this intrinsic block when you're holding that tiny baby.  You can't possibly imagine how much he will change a little over a year down the road.

Some things never change, though.  I think one is my absolute favorite year.  I have so many fond memories of cute, sweet, endearing one year old Leah, and Logan is proving to be just as joyful and hilarious.  (For the record, here's a little glimpse at Leah when she was 15 months.  Not that I'm comparing...)

I love watching his chubby-legged walk through the house.  He still has that adorable, wobbly, wide-legged baby stance.  He's actually quite sturdy, but don't ask me how because it looks like the child should fall over at pretty much every step.

He still gives the world's best kisses.  They are open-mouthed, sucker-fish kisses and they completely slime you; the kind that actually POP when he lets go.  His favorite is to give them to me around the legs when I've stepped out of the shower.

He is soooo funny.  The child is definitely going to be a class clown.  He adores making people laugh and he has a real sense of what is funny.  If you're laughing at something unconnected to him, he will chime in with a great belly laugh as if he totally gets the joke.

He doesn't play with toys, but his favorite game is to make as much of a mess as humanly possible.  He likes to knock over toy baskets, dump out boxes, and then immediately move on to the next place he can cause destruction.  My kitchen cabinets are a favorite of his (they haven't been re-baby proofed since we painted the cabinets in August.  C'mon, hubby!!), and he loves to pull plastic ziploc bags out of drawers, or plastic mixing bowls out of cabinets.  It's a hot mess pretty much anywhere he's been.

He is influenced for sure by his sister and her whole "being three" conundrum.  He does much more screaming than Leah did at this age, and I've even seen him throw belly-down, fist pounding fits.  I've mentioned that he's just 15 months, right?  He has the best life is horrible face, and he's not afraid to use it.

Logan loves to help with the dishwasher.  Anything involving putting dishes away or taking them out, and you're guaranteed to have a special little helper.

He has an incredible amount of language, but it's very different developmentally than sister's.  Leah was very precise - she worked on her enunciation because she wanted to get it perfect.  Logan, not so much.  Both are very representative of who they are as people: I'm convinced Leah could have walked earlier than Logan, but she didn't because she didn't want to fall.  She didn't take her first steps until she was sure she could do them right.  Logan, on the other hand, barreled across the living room as soon as his little body would propel him and promptly fell on his tush.  It's been the same with his language.  I think Logan actually has more language than Leah, he's just not as concerned with how it comes across, so I have to do a lot more interpreting than I did with his sister.  He also babbles infinitely more than she did.  She was not a babbler; if she was going to speak, you were going to understand what she said.  He never has a quiet moment from dawn to dusk. Then again, at three, neither does Leah.

The words I know he can say:
Yeah                               Hiya                               Daddy
Doggy                             Bunny                             Fish
Giraffe                             Bird                                Duck
Kitty                                Fork                               Sissy
Yuck                               Bath                                Jesus
More                               All done                          Thanks
Sock                               Cheese                            Cheek
On                                  Off                                   Trash
Please                              Banana                            This
That                                 Tree                               Santa
Pretty                               Stuck                             Ta-Da!
Quack                              Moo                              Bark (dog noise)

He can find his foot, tummy, cheek, head, hair, eyes, ears, nose, hands and fingers when you ask.  At least, I'm pretty sure he can.  Again, unlike his sis, who was happy to do whatever she was asked at this phase, you have to catch him in the right mood where he's willing to demonstrate these talents, so I'm about 98% sure he knows those body parts.  He doesn't like to practice them on the changing table (like sis did) either.  Boys!

I've been able to influence my children in two big ways so far: 1) developing a love of music and 2) adoring the holidays.  Logan was absolutely obsessed with pumpkins, and now he feels the same way about Christmas trees (and pretty much anything with lights on it).  He can no longer say mama, but the kid can say Santa.  Fair trade, if you ask me.

He gets his adorable little pointy finger out when he sees anything holiday related and either gets really loud or really quiet, and says, "oooooh!"  and "pretty!" over and over again.  So stinkin' sweet.

He is a monkey.  He climbs anywhere he can get and tries faithfully to give his mommy a heart attack.  He likes to climb, then raise both hands over his head and exclaim, TA-DA!!!

His most recent trick is to, when he is hungry, grab his bib out of its drawer and run over to his high chair.  A fit will likely follow if you can't either feed him or distract him, but it's adorable.

He loves to help, and has the sweetest spirit about doing jobs you ask him to do.  That dishwasher, I tell you.  He could unload it all day long.

My child finally sleeps successfully through both the night and his naps.  In fact, we have finally reached that juncture where he loves his crib.  HOORAY!  He typically sleeps about 7-6:30 and naps a good 2-2.5 hours.  YAY!

He wears size 5 shoes and size 3 or 4 diapers, and exclusively 18 month clothing.  I think we may make it through the winter in 18 months and not have to upgrade to the 2Ts until spring/summer.  Stay tuned...

His laugh.  Oh my gosh, it's the thing pure joy is made of.  Great, big belly laughs that he is more than willing to share with everyone.  Usually it's sister that makes him laugh the hardest, probably followed closely by me.  He is too hilarious.

Our little guy is so much harder than Leah was in so many ways.  At the same time, though, he is also sweet, cuddly, so loving and just Mommy's best little buddy.  As hard as he is, I just adore that baby boy.  I can't imagine our lives without him!

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