Monday, March 16, 2015

On ice skating, turning five, and succumbing to conformity

If you've been around for a while, you know that I love birthday parties.

More specifically, I love to throw them.  I love details.  I love happy smiles.  I love ridiculous cakes that take all night.  I love craft punches and my paper cutter and Photoshop.

I love to think that an ordinary moment will become a treasured memory.  

So far, my little birthday girl hasn't been especially vocal about what type of party she wants.  Of course, she hasn't exactly been given tons of options.  

This year, though, she was adamant.  She decided back before Halloween: she wanted to go ice skating for her birthday, and she wanted a Frozen party.  There's really no swaying her once she decides, regardless of how much time passes.  In fact, she has declared that she wants to be a doctor when she grows up, and I would not put money against the chance that that's exactly what she'll end up being.

Tenacious is the right way to describe her.  

So way back in October I knew that the odds were good I'd be putting together a Frozen party.  And, without a hint of pun, I kept wishing she'd just...  well... let it go. (WHAT?  IT HAD TO BE SAID!)

I wanted to stomp my feet and have one of those toddler-esque fits where I yell NOOOOOO!!!! at the top of my lungs for no apparent reason.  

No!  No Frozen parties!  

Listen, we love Frozen as much as the next family.  But everybody is having a Frozen birthday party.  We like to be unique!  To stand out!  To fight the power!  

...So... that went well.  

Well played, Anna and Elsa.  Well played. 

But, it turned out pretty cute just the same.

The room provided to us by the Ice Centre was actually adorable and perfect.

And one thing I'll say about going with the crowd: there are LOTS of readily available decorations that made my decorating job pretty darn simple.

Although Casey and I couldn't help but make a few things to add to the mood.

Because... well, obviously they wanted to build a marshmallow snowman.

These cute baskets with a ton of fun little goodies.  Coloring pages, pens, notebooks, stickers and tattoos.  All the good stuff.

I think these multi-colored rice krispie treats were my favorite.  I haven't made rice krispie treats in ages, and they turned out pretty adorable.

Pinterest gave me the idea for a fabulous touch that turned out to be an awesome idea for our little skaters.  Hot cocoa bar!

And, of course... the cake.  My favorite of the ones I've done so far.

I have to learn how to better frost that top layer.  It's always the one I'm unsure about... but still.  I was pretty pleased with how it came together.

 And the response from the kids?

 I'm pretty sure they could not have been happier.

 When Leah suggested ice skating, I secretly thought, yeah, that sounds like a disaster!  Sure, we'll take a bunch of 4, 5 and 6 year olds, put them on skates and ice for probably the first time.  What could possibly go wrong?!

Turns out, those little helper things really saved the day.  Everyone could get in on the action!

It was so much fun.  They didn't even want to stop for cake and presents.  That's not hyperbole - we kept trying to bribe them, but what can you use as bribery when cake won't cut it?

But we got everybody rounded up in the end.

Candy and goodies and treats, oh my.

And, of course, marshmallow snowmen.

It was so much fun.  And then it was time to cut the cake.

I truly don't know who was more excited, the birthday girl or her mommy.

And then begins what I like to call the "let them eat cake" series.  You'll see...

Oh my big 5 year old birthday girl.  I hope you loved every minute of your Frozen party. We love you so, and we are so lucky to be your parents!

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