Tuesday, September 1, 2015

The first day of school

Well, after a fun-filled summer and a panic-filled few weeks as I scrambled to make sure that everyone else (aka... me) was ready, the time has come.

We started school!

Miss Leah is meeting all the standards for first grade.  If I were starting her in PS, there is no way it would be at a kindergarten level, so we're going to go ahead and call this her first grade year even though she is only five and a half.  I don't feel any pressure whatsoever about keeping her "up to snuff" on the first grade side of things; if her fervor for learning cools, we may do two years of first grade.  If she keeps on track, I'll continue moving her up.  The beautiful thing about all this is that we can work exactly at her pace!

My big boy is going to do school with us for about an hour a day, and very gently at that.  I absolutely adore the curriculum we're following.  It's just the right combination of early academics and play, and I love that at three he'll be memorizing Bible verses along with us.

I typically would prefer to wait until he's 3.5 or even four to start "formal" schooling - even this gentle preschool program - but he loves to sit with Leah and me while we do school.  He might as well get in on the action!  Plus, the greatest thing about the curriculum is that, because it is Biblically-based, it is still relevant to Leah, and super easy to modify to fit both kids.

I was going for an action shot, Leah jumping for joy in our newly-refurbished backyard garden.  We quickly discovered that jumping for joy with a backpack on isn't as easy as it looks... 

I am so excited to begin the school year!  I can't help myself, I have always adored this time of year.  

And, for the record: Casey's favorite part of homeschooling: 

Jammies are always an option!

So, without pause or hesitation, we are mighty, full of confidence, excitement and joy... and we are coming for you, school year!!!

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