Sunday, August 30, 2015

Logan 3.0

My favorite little guy turned three.  And he's just so full of life and joy!  Some things about Logan at three:

  • He is still full of words.  Noises, grunts, growls, yells, questions, observations, songs and laughter.  So, so much laughter.  And poop jokes, because, well, that's hilarious.  
  • He loves to play "I spy" in the car.  Except, he says it this way: "I 'py wif my 'ittle eye, sumpin....."  and then he takes at least a minute to find something that meets whatever high standards he is evidently adhering to. 

  • This child of mine love, love, loves the water.  He spent all summer running through the sprinklers and learning to swim.  

  • He is wonderfully inquisitive.  He likes to observe, loves to ask questions, and is the first to get his hands dirty. 

  • He loves to do projects with Leah.  I have decided to start him in preschool this year - a move I would definitely not make with such a brand-new three year old, except that he loves to sit at the table and learn with us.  

  • He has the greatest memory.  He learned about half the states and capitols with us last year, and memorized all the presidents.  He can recall events and details that seemed insignificant to me from a year ago, and heaven forbid you should put avocado in his quesadilla.  Because... he will remember.  And you will never live it down.  
  • He is such a boy.  He loves things that move: trains, trucks, construction vehicles, airplanes.  He loves Darth "Dark" Vader and 'Piderman, despite the fact that we've never once watched or read anything with those characters in it.  He loves to build and play with cars.  It is amazing to me when I watch the very natural differences between Leah and Logan, because she never liked any of these things that he gravitates to.  

  • He still naps for about 2 hours every day.  He is my up with the sun, always ready to go kid.  He used to sleep well through the night, but I recently made the mistake of letting him sleep in my bed after he had a bad dream.  Since then, every night he has a "bad dream" and pops into my room around 2 a.m.  It's creepy, really.  Particularly when Casey is out of town.  And also because he stands outside my bedroom door and jiggles the door handle until I wake up.  But, what can I say?  I'm a sucker for snuggles. 
  • He gives the best hugs.  The best.

  • He is so funny and spunky.  He makes us laugh and keeps us on our toes.  
  • I always forget that he is only three.  He is so mature in so many ways, he doesn't seem at all like a baby.  He knows a lot of those "academic" things, like his shapes, numbers and colors, but it's more than that.  He can do so many things, and is so competent and capable for such a little guy.  And, truly, so darn reasonable for a brand-newly three year old.  

  • He wears size 8 shoes, an 3T clothes, though his legs are short like his mama's.  
  • He weighs 33 lbs (61st percentile) and is 37.13 inches tall (33rd percentile).  He has lost so much of that wonderful, chunky baby fat, and is now pretty much just solid muscle.  But, the kind that is still perfect for snuggling.  
  • He is an awesome brother to his sisters.  

We love you and are so proud of you, my sweet Logan!  We are thankful God gave us a Logan to be part of our family!

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