Tuesday, September 29, 2015

A toddler-friendly fall busy box

I've talked before about the busy boxes I created to help keep Logan busy while we do school.  At three, he has a pretty solid attention span, and the activities in each of these bins are perfect for keeping him engaged so that Leah and I can do phonics, memory work or whatever else she needs direct instruction on.

At nearly 14 months, our sweet Olivia is right on the cusp of becoming a walker.  Although she still prefers to be perched on my hip, over the last month or so she has become increasingly independent and interested in venturing away from mommy.  Finally.

It was becoming clear very quickly that she needed something to occupy her time during school, so I created a busy box designed to help her safely explore and grow with a festive theme:

To make this fall-themed busy box, I raided my local craft store and used:

  • One branch of sunflowers
  • One branch of fall leaves
  • One small bag of pinecones
  • One bag of misc. small gourds

The reaction from the littlest member of our crew was awesome!

She got to work right away, sorting and exploring her treasures.

And the fun really started when brother got in on the action.

He brought a whole new level of joy and excitement to the game.

Not to mention... a magnifying glass.

This was a great activity for all three of my little ones, but it is Livvy who keeps coming back for more.

And, her favorite part is that she can leave me little gifts to be surprised by all over the house.

Happy fall!

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