Monday, April 25, 2016

Finishing up CC

On the way to our CC Finale night, Leah very wisely informed me, 
"If I keep practicing diligently, one day I'm going to know everything.  Well... not everything.  But enough for God to trust me with being a doctor."

That child of mine has grown so much this year!  

She is such a studious and intent little creature, I just love watching her grow and thrive. 

The kids have a wonderful presentation which includes two whole group presentations, and individual class presentation.  For their group presentation, they recited part of the timeline, which documents all the major historical events and cultures from creation through the birth of Jesus.

They also memorized Exodus 20:1-17 and presented that as well.

The struggle about being the solo parent at events like this is that I don't often have a chance to do much documenting.  Mostly, what I can do without extra hands available for wrangling purposes is give it my half-hearted attention and try to snap what photos I can for posterity.  

I wont' lie, what I paid attention to most during their presentations was this;

who refused to let me be and had to be taken out of the chapel part way through.

I got back in time to watch Leah's class present some examples of the science facts we learned this year.

Leah was so excited that she got to present the major groups of vertebrates, which are (as she proudly and fearlessly announced): fish, amphibians, reptiles, mammals and birds.

A dessert reception always follows, and the kids and proud parents have an awesome time. 

It has been another great year in Classical Conversations.  Leah's tutor was the mother of one of her best friends, and she has grown so much in her capacity for memorization.  We just love that she is being exposed to so many excellent concepts and advanced vocabulary through the classical method of education.  And, it is a huge blessing for us to have the opportunity once a week to get out of the house and fellowship.  

I was blessed to be in charge of this year's yearbook, so I have a ton of fun images from all the CC classes.  Here's just a few of the Leah-specific ones:

Those kids have such a great time!  The tutors are excellent, and make it so much fun for everybody.

We love CC!

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