Saturday, February 4, 2017

Kid update: Olivia

With all the craziness of the past 9 months or so, I haven't been very good about taking time to write down all the wonderful things happening with the kids.

We are so enjoying the fun, delightful phases they are in!  So, without further ado, a little bit about our littles (and one big).


Livvy Joy is two and a half today.  She is our little peanut, our tiny girl with the great big voice.

She has again returned to being an easy kid (thank goodness!), although she does make a point of holding her own as the littlest.  She enjoys bossing people around, and will tell you where to sit or go or what to play with without hesitation. 

She is still a momma's girl, but we've seen her branch out.  She adores Jacob, which is super sweet to watch.  She goes to church nursery and nursery at our school co-op without fuss.  She is about as sweet as they come, and is continually asking for hugs, "kuggles" (snuggles) and kisses.  She prefers to be carried down the stairs as opposed to walking by herself.  She always did enjoy being a baby, and she hasn't exactly lost that quality as yet.  

Her words and mannerisms are adorable, and I so desperately wish I could freeze time on this one.  She is funny, sweet, and absolutely adorable in the ways that she communicates.  Her sweet, heavy-footed, off-balance little toddler run makes me grin every time I see it.  The way she pronounces words; standing at the back door calling the dog to come in; the funny ways she phrases things: where me other hole? while struggling to put her undies or pants on all by herself.  Followed, triumphantly, by:  OH!  There my other hole is!  Silly Livvy!  The way she knows her mind, and will tell you what she wants and doesn't want.  No me yike dat! she'll exclaim at any offending item.  She melts my heart.

She is my little girl of song.  The child loves music, loves to dance and sing.  We began going to Music Together in the fall, and she fits right in.  Musical intelligence is definitely one of her strengths.  She has an amazing capacity for memorizing lyrics and turns much of what you say to her into a song of some sort.  

She is busy all the time.  She loves to sit at the table and work with the big kids.

And she is always finding ways to keep herself busy.  She likes to play by herself as much as she likes to play with her siblings. The phrase, yet me BE! often passes her lips when one of her well-meaning siblings tries to play with her or engage her in something they are working on.

She still does not much enjoy having her picture taken, and won't ham it up for the camera like some other little cheeseballs I know.  

She is silly, but often serious.  Her little brows will come together when she's thinking or focusing on something, and she spends much of her time looking downright angry.  But, she also knows how cute she is, and isn't afraid to use to her full advantage.

And when she doesn't want to do something... well, there's just no making her!

She potty trained in the fall, and is getting to be such a big girl that I can scarcely believe where the last two and a half years have gone.  

I'm so glad we get to spend the next 15 and a half making memories with her.

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