Sunday, August 23, 2009

Breaking the news

I am sorry to say that our friends were pretty much the last to find out our good news. Of course, we told our parents and my sister. Next up on the dockett should have been our awesome, supportive circle of friends. Sadly, instead it was my boss and some of the people that I work most closely with due to the fact that I have been worried about having to go back to work and face the typical first trimester symptoms...

So, even though they were among the last of the first wave (does that make sense? First wave being those that we plan to tell prior to October) to know, we did come clean last week and share the big news...

...and their reactions were better than I could have ever asked for!

I made shirts for everyone that say "Auntie" or "Uncle." Casey and I are extremely blessed to have a very supportive, very close-knit group of people around us. I am actually a relative new-comer to this group, having come into it when Casey and I started dating 7 years ago. He has been friends with many of these people for probably close to 15 years, so we definitely feel like our friends are part of our family. I look forward to our children having that relationship with them as well!

The girls were SO supportive and wonderful. It is exciting to me to know that this will be an experience that (hopefully) each of us will be able to share with the others. I can't wait to see what the future holds for each of us!! And, I swear everyone - except me - has an "Auntie" so-and-so shirt, but evidently the only ones that show up on camera are the navy blue with white lettering.

The guys were cute as well. Nico, who already has a 5 year old son, was nostalgic and shared some of his experiences when his then-wife was pregnant. My favorite, though, was Andrew, who is kind of play-it-cool when it comes to emotions; very stoic. He was genuinely emotional and excited, which was soooo cool to see! Really, really cute!!
I am also excited, because the closer I get to the second trimester, the better I am feeling. Although I still have no energy, my energy levels are actually - VERY slowly - starting to recover. I think I have been at about a 30% for the past 6 weeks, and finally today I am at about a 50%. So, even though it's slow, I'm definitely starting to feel that increase in energy. Now, granted, I have done little besides sleep for the past 36 hours, but still... I'll take what I can get!
Feeling like this, though, brings to light just how crappy I've been feeling, even when I didn't realize it. Going through it day to day, there's just nothing to do but push through and do the best I can, even when it's difficult. When I look back on just how little energy I've had, and how crappy I've truly felt now that I don't feel so bad, I'm actually a little bit proud of myself that I've been as tough and as positive as I have. Casey has been a HUGE help in that regard, because he helps me to conserve every little bit of energy possible by taking care of every single thing he can for me, from making me breakfast in the mornings, to cleaning and housework on the weekends, and even preparing me meals. He's probably fixed dinner more times in the past three weeks than in the past three years that we've lived together!
He made me cry this week too, because I had a really difficult, long day at school and came home completely exhausted. After teaching all day, I just had no drive or strength left to do anything but lay on the couch. Casey ran a bunch of errands for me and then went to the grocery store on top of that. When he came home, not only had he completed a bunch of stuff that I was supposed to do, but he brought me sunflowers to top it off! He is the BEST husband in the whole world! It made me cry because I felt like I should be giving him flowers for all of his extra work, not the other way around!!
Anyway, I hope this is a trend that will keep up. Most days, I feel better than I have in a while, and with any luck, that will continue to be the case as we move into trimester 2!

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  1. Your Post makes me realize just how poorly you've been feeling and what a tremendous job you're doing of coping with the first trimester yukies. It really is the toughest part and you've been a trooper! I hope that soon you'll begin to feel better and start to have more energy. Bless Casey for taking such good care of you. I love ya both...or should I say all? :)


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