Sunday, August 9, 2009

Why sisters are the best

Someone in our family is going to be a new Auntie soon!

We broke the news to my sister yesterday, and far and away, her raction wins the day (well, except Casey - daddies always win by default!). Of course, I had to have a plan to make the moment special (as if the news isn't special enough?!), so I made her a shirt that says, in blue embroidered letters, "Auntie Kelsey." I wrapped the shirt with the ultrasound picture beneath it, and went to meet her for coffee.

The surprise went like this:

Me: **ridiculously excited, handing Kelsey the present.
Kelsey: **unwrapping the box. A box! I always wanted a box!
Me: **nods and fights back laughter - this is exactly what Casey said...
Kelsey: **opens the box. And... Paper!
Me: Yes... and...?
Kelsey: And... a shirt! Aw thanks... **Pause to read the shirt
Kelsey: ... Auntie Kelsey?...
Kelsey: ...?
Kelsey: ...?
Kelsey: ARE YOU PREGNANT?!?!?!

This was all followed by some squealing, a huge hug and some wonderful incoherence. She was so excited and surprised, I could hardly answer one question before she was asking me about something else. It was absolutely adorable, and amazing to have my sister's awesome, enthusiastic support. Just a guess, but I think she's pretty pleased that she will get to be an auntie.

The really cool thing, though, was when she took us out to dinner to celebrate. To MY surprise, she had responded even more generously:

by purchasing me and Baby an absolutely gorgeous new diaper bag! I really like this bag a ton; it's not pink or blue (which is good, because neither is baby at this point), and it's not too schmoopy or baby-ish... it doesn't scream "YOU'RE A MOM!" which I love. It's just a great, functional black bag. Plus, until Baby gets here, it's good for sneaking snacks into the movie theatre...

She also went waaaay above and beyond in her new Auntie role by getting us a baby name book and a pregnancy journal, as well as some aromatherapy bubble bath (one of which is designed to help you when you're "overtired and cranky" - it's like she knows me!!).

The last thing she gave us was the very first book in Baby's library - "I'll Love you Forever." Awww! Kelsey is a wise lady, and she had me open this one last because she knew it would make me cry - which it did!

I can't help but feel extremely lucky. It has been such a crazy, delightful journey already, and we still have such a long way to go. I know that our baby will be surrounded by incredible love from his or her family... we are truly, truly blessed!

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  1. Okay, I've been ALL the way through this new blog....I am dying to tell someone....YOU got to share the good news. Oh why, oh why do you give me the job of keeping my big moth shut? This ain't gonna be easy!

    I think you're right, your Sis did an awesome job, she gets the award for best reaction. She likes babies and she likes you too...just love all around.


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