Thursday, August 27, 2009

Sweet and Sour

Week 11 is here! Hooray!!

I am so excited to be leaving the first trimester behind me! True to form, as everyone has said I would, I am feeling better all the time. I hate to complain, because I could have felt as bad as I did AND have horrible morning sickness on top of it. Baby upheld his or her end of the bargain; we had a deal to go easy on mom when it came to the upset tummies, and I definitely had it much easier than I could have in that regard.

That said, though, there is a great deal about the first trimester that I won't miss.

Our weekly routine has pretty much taken shape, looking something like this:
*Our new pregnancy week begins on Wednesday. As we settle in for bed on Wednesday nights, instead of reading to Baby, Casey and I each take turns reading from a pregnancy book.
*Usually he reads aloud from "What to Expect," and I read from the pregnancy journal Kelsey got me.
*We look at how much Baby has grown (an entire half inch this week! In week 10, Baby gained half-again as much as it has previously grown - from one inch to 1 1/2 inches!! That 1/2 inch gained will keep up for a while).
*We look at which interesting food item the book is comparing Baby to this week (week 11: our little LIME!).
*We see what amazing, wonderful and incredible things Baby is up to during the upcoming week, like growing teeth!
*We compare the symptoms I am experiencing to what the book says I can look forward to.
*We chart my weight gain (limited so far) and changes in the proportions of my body (amazingly significant, considering I haven't gained much weight... not sure how to feel about that).

It is an amazing, wonderful and mind-boggling process. I can't believe that Baby gains 1/2 an inch in length every week! And all of the incredible advances in Baby's body as it gets to be less and less like an alien and more like a little person. This week, Baby's hands and feet are not webbed for the first time. WOW! And Baby's gender "bits" - even though we won't be able to see them for QUITE some time - will be in place by the end of the week (well, mostly anyway). That's just amazing. I'm so proud of our little lime!!!

And it is crazy to me to think that I am carrying a little lime. My tummy is firm and definitely more on the round side, but it is so bizarre and wonderful to think that all of that growth reflects the little person that is actually in there! How can something so tiny have such amazingly huge effects on me... and I mean that in ALL senses of the word. WOW is my word of the day, because I am still having some difficulty comprehending the enormousness of this amazing gift. W-O-W!! :)

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