Tuesday, April 13, 2010

All the things I "do-do"

Since Leah's arrival, I find myself closing each day feeling like something of a loser. I am exhausted at the end of the day, and yet, as I reflect on what I did that day, I can't seem to think of one thing that I actually accomplished. So, in honor of my loser-ness, I decided to take stock of the things that I "do-do" (with kind regards to Chandler Bing for the reference):

My "do-do" list for Tuesday, April 13th:

Hours of sleep: 4 (ish?)
*Fed the baby
*Changed a diaper
*Got Leah dressed, including washing her face
*Got myself dressed (not showered)
*Made breakfast for myself (hardboiled egg and a half a grapefruit)
*Entertained the baby by watching Sesame Street while making faces and singing Twinkle Twinkle Little Star along with the muppets
*Let the dogs out
*Changed a diaper
*Fed the baby
*Put Leah down for a nap
*Folded and put away a basket of laundry
*Folded a basket of laundry (without putting it away)
*Wrote a lesson plan, because eventually I do have to go back to work :(
*Checked my e-mail
*Changed a diaper
*Changed a diaper again when Leah immediately pooped in the clean one
*Fed the baby
*Went to Babies-R-Us (a successful trip out of the house on our own! WOOHOO!!!!)
*Brought Leah inside
*Brought the shopping spoils inside (a Boppy and cover for a baby shower on Saturday; nursing pads for me)
*Let the dogs in
*Fixed lunch for me (and kept my fingers crossed Leah would stay happy long enough for me to eat... today, she did!)
*Played with the baby (Mommy keeps trying desperately for a real smile... she's just toying with me at this point.)
*Took some video of her when she was particularly cute
*Let the dogs out and in again
*Changed a diaper
*Fed the baby
*Napped on the couch with Leah (BLISS!)
*Kissed my husband when he got home from work
*Watched the last 20 minutes of "Sherlock Holmes," which we started two days ago
*Fed the baby
*Fixed dinner (Fetuccini alfredo - from scratch! - garlic bread and carrots)
*Traded off tending to Leah and eating dinner
*Fed the baby
*Got Leah ready for bed, but decided she wasn't quite ready to go down
*Played with my husband and the baby
*Put Leah to bed (consists of laying her on my stomach so I can cuddle her and rub her back while Casey reads "Harry Potter")
*Washed the dishes and cleaned up the kitchen
*Made Casey's lunch
*Started a load of laundry (with no intention of folding it or puting it away)
*Watched "Lost" with my husband
*Wrote this blog instead of showering... hmmm...
*About to go up and feed/change the baby (in some order or another)

Turns out, there are a few things that I "do-do."

Not to be confused with doo doo. (Although there is plenty of that in my life right now, too!)

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  1. You did a lot! Many more days like this to come. You are meeting the needs of your baby girl, and that is a huge accomplishment every day! Keep it up Mama, and enjoy every minute.


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