Saturday, April 17, 2010

Train of thoughts...

We are officially an "out and about" family!

On Thursday, Casey and I took Leah to dinner for the first time. We were supposed to wait until she is 6 weeks old so that her immune system can kick in, but we didn't quite make it that long. 5 weeks and 1 day is pretty close, after all.

The last time we were out to dinner... the night before the C-Section!

We went to (the very fancy!) Red Robin, mostly because we weren't sure how Leah would do, so we wanted a restaurant that is family friendly. I shouldn't have been worried; she did beautifully!

Leah and I also attended the baby shower of one of my oldest friends. It is neat - and only slightly surreal - to watch my friends and classmates (in this case, someone I have known since I was 5!) getting married and having children! And it is so cool to be on this end of it; bringing my own daughter to the baby shower of another. WOW!

Not to mention: bizzare to think that I was in her position only a handful of weeks ago! In fact, just over a month ago, we were here...

... and we didn't even know the beautiful little girl who has changed our lives so completely!

Now, we are experiencing sweet moments like these:

Although I think I have expressed it many times in many different ways, I don't know that I have ever said (or, in this case, typed it) outloud. It hit me again today on the way home from the baby shower:

I am, without doubt, the happiest I have ever been. My life is SO blessed, because I literally have everything I have ever dreamed of - and probably a good many things I was too young and naiive to be concerned with dreaming about.

I thank God every day for my incredible husband, who makes all my dreams come true, and our beautiful, healthy daughter. I know for certain that I have neither earned nor deserve either of these amazing gifts!

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  1. she is so precious, I am glad you go to get out and go to dinner. Red Robin is fabulous! The more you get out with her the easier it will isn't cold and flu season almost over? :) glad you are enjoying parenthood!


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