Sunday, August 7, 2011

All good things

It is true, what they say: All good things must come to an end. 

If I can just pause to say... um... what???  It's August?  How did that happen, exactly?  Does anyone else feel like this year is passing by at some kind of inhuman speed?

So, to those lazy, hazy days of summer, farewell.

To the summer that introduced us all to the baby of my bestfriend, adieu.

Our trip to New York, so long.

Mornings spent at the zoo, alvederzane.

Afternoon trips to WaterWorld and the pool, adios. 

Beating the heat in our very own backyard, see ya.

A summer spent hiking, picnicing and adventuring, later.

Taking walks every morning at 10:30 and reading books before nap time, cheers. 

Spending time as a family... well, I know that will continue.  And I will jump right back into the swing of being a working mom, and in two weeks this won't seem like such an obstacle to overcome.  But boy, oh boy, is it hard to take that first step to making the transition. 

Leaving this face behind?  It hurts my soul.

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