Saturday, August 6, 2011

Can you spot it?

Every parent will probably tell you that they love bed time.

Besides the obvious, what with it being the end of the day and finally having a little time to themselves, it is a such a nice time of day that allows for some sweet family time.

Leah's bedtime routine is no exception:  bath and play time, lotion, jammies, hugs and kisses, milk, a book, some snuggling and finally, laying down in her crib for bed.

We've taken to letting her run around nekkid after her bath, partly because bare baby cheeks are too cute to resist, but also to give her a chance to air everything out.  You know, down there (I assume diapers must be pretty stiffling, right?).

Last night we took this cute picture.  On the surface, it looks like a smiling, naked post-bath girl.  It wasn't until after that we noticed that something was a little... off.

Did you spot it? 


Maybe this will help.

Can you see it now? 

Still no?!

Let's try this again...

That's right, folks.  This is what you get for lettin' the kids run around au natural

Isn't bedtime sweet?

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