Saturday, April 28, 2012

Hubby Handiwork

It's been five years, but I'm happy to say: our house is finally done!!!

Yes, just in time for us to put it up and try to move.  Great timing, eh? 

It's fair to say that we have had a few things to do on this house over the years.  No exaggeration, we have literally touched up every single surface in the house in the 5 years we have lived here.  Each and every floor.  All walls, cabinets, light fixtures, door knobs; I do mean everything.  No kidding. 

Until this week, that did not include the floors in our two upstairs bathrooms. 

The guest bath had old, yellowed lanoleum while the master had the absolute only remnant of the original house's carpet.  And you guys?  Nasty doesn't begin to cover it. 

I'm not one for regrets, but I will say that I have kicked myself over the years that we didn't take before and after pictures.  Because our handiwork is kinda impressive.  We're no HGTV or anything, but it's pretty awesome. 

So, here are the very, very few before and afters that I've taken.  Thank you, thank you to my wonderful husband, who spent his only days off in three weeks re-tiling our old, nasty bathroom floors to create something awesome.




And, of course, my new, beautiful floors!!!  Thanks, Hubby!

Basement remodel - Fall, 2009
Current basement - Spring, 2012

Fall, 2009

Present day

 Now, I also have to brag on our yard just a tiny bit.  When we moved in, well... let's just say there wasn't one.  There were a few tiny patches of ragged grass, but mostly it was pretty barren landscape. 

Not anymore!!

It has been a labor of love, and although I know that a move will ultimately benefit our family, it's very difficult to imagine living somewhere else.  We have loved this house!

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  1. Love the before and after pics! Where are you guys moving to? I hope you can sell your place quickly :)


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