Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Star Wars: Now showing in my uterus

Firstly, let's all just let out that sigh of relief we've been holding hoping for a perfectly healthy, happy baby. 

What?  That was just me?  Well, let me pause to exhale.

Since that's done, let's all also marvel at the complete and total immodesty of our son, who has no inhibitions whatsoever...

...and who is still very, very clearly a boy.  Just in case you couldn't read this ultrasound photo.  Like, from space.  (To be fair, I did warn him today that I'd be putting these pictures on the internet.)

He has taken up Leah's favorite old (breech) haunting grounds of head up-butt down, facing directly at my spine.  Which makes me wonder if A) the space in my belly is at all like the butt marks on the couch when you've been sitting there for a really long time or B) perhaps the back of my uterus does something utterly amazing, like showing matine features of the entire Star Wars trilogy. 

It's really nothing to worry about, given that I still have 20 weeks to go.  Just an interesting sibling similarity.

Baby Boy is also measuring a bit on the large side.  About one week larger than he should be, to be exact, and that is something to worry about.  The words 85th percentile have me and my lady parts a little on edge. 

Which brings me to the contractions, which have already started.

I'm convinced I had next to none with Leah.  No Braxton Hicks, except for one scary night at about 30 weeks when I nearly talked myself into labor. 

So I was surprised two nights ago when, out of the blue, I had a HUGE (and thankfully quick) contraction.  I've been feeling them somewhat frequently ever since, even though they're gentle.

It's worried me a little, given how early it is.  I also couldn't decide if I'm just crazy.  So when we caught two contractions on the ultrasound today, I couldn't help but feel a little vindicated.  I've been assured that it's not too early; evidently my body is just preparing for what it obviously knows is going to be quite an event. 

Yes, that wiggly baby boy is going to have to get out at some point.  Right now though, I'm quite content with his current accomodations.

'Specially if my uterus can play Star Wars. 

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