Monday, January 28, 2013

5 months

Some things about our sweet little guy at five months:

He's tried only two foods: rice cereal and carrots.  Both were well recieved.

Wears size 9 clothes but also fits into 6 mo and 6-9.  And one random 3-6 month onesie.

LOVES to vocalize.  He has such a wide range of sounds, many of them involve some kind of squealing.

I think he is awesome at imitating.  He hears the noises sister makes and repeats them right back.

I am also convinced that he says "hungry," "hi" and "yeah."  I know, I'm a nutter.

He definitely recognizes several words.  Hungry of course being one of them. 

He wears size three diapers, and I've moved his cloth diapers up another snap.  The only thing left to do is unsnap them altogether.

He doesn't like tummy time, and rolls himself back over.

Loves to sit in the exersaucer, bumbo, high chair, and lay his wiggly little body on the floor.  He also loves to jump in his swing.  He just grins and jumps.

Still nurses tons and doesn't sleep terribly well.  Usually naps 1.5 or 2 hours.  Always falls asleep on his own, so there's that.

Makes no bones about being hungry.  It is extremely clear from his attitude that he wants something to eat.

He enjoys playing with toys, and puts everything in his mouth.  Life would be so much easier for our boy if he would take a paci, but he adamantly refuses.

Holds things and transfers them from one hand to another (and then usually to his mouth).

Is ticklish under his neck and giggles madly when you tickle there.  SO cute!

Loves the pants off of his Big Sis.  He can't take his eyes off of her when she's in the room.

Is such a little wiggler.  He's definitely our roley-poley little guy.

Nicknames include: Bubba, bubba boy, bubs, chubs, little guy, big man and peanut.

Has just enough hair to make an awesome mohawk.  It's measured in milimeters, but it still counts.

It is crazy to me how fast time is going.  We've achieved Warp Speed here in our house, and I wish I could slow things down.  This is such a fun phase and such a fun age, and I am so glad that God blessed us with this little miracle.

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