Thursday, January 31, 2013

What we did immediately after having a baby.

When we first bought our house, Leah's room looked like this:

It's a little hard to tell, but the walls are yellow.  A really ugly yellow that (although it looks pretty good in these pictures) was horrible.  Not to mention, someone had drawn all over the walls with all kinds of interesting pens and in multiple languages.
Probably my top priority was this room.  Knowing that she was old enough to actually be affected by her room, my dearest desire was to have the little's room finished and ready to go before the day we moved in.
The only catch was... well, I'd just had a baby.  And a bunch of nasty medical crap done to me.  And a fever.  And been hospitalized all over again.
I tried, honest.
Don't be judgin.  This was - literally - two weeks after Logan was born.  Do I remember doing this?  Yeah... that looks like a woman who remembers a lot in this moment.

See?  What an exciting first few months this baby had.

Then, one new fan and some carpet padding later, it looked like this:
When we moved in, her room looked slightly better:
On our very first night in our new house.  Not exactly the finished space I'd hoped for.
Somehow, she didn't seem too fussed about it...

These days, her room is finally looking a little more polished.

Sadly, I still wouldn't call it "finished."  We're still working on it, but at least it's a comfy space.

But, it is better.  And a very cute little room to house a little girl's memories as she grows up.

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