Wednesday, June 5, 2013

MIMI has all straight lines

Our grandma Mimi's birthday is at the end of April. 

A great amount of thought was put into what would be written on her card.  There was quite a day of storytelling that followed, largely from the backseat of my car with a waterbottle in one hand and a Rapunzel doll in the other. 

When I asked her if she wanted to sign the back of the card, she initially told me yes. 

So I wrote out her name for her and prepared to help her write it.  She's getting quite proficient at it these days.

Then, she told me that since the card was for Mimi, she wanted to write her name.  And also because "it has all straight lines."

You know what?

MIMI does have all straight lines.  You know what else?  Smart girls are so totally awesome.  Get down with your straight lines, kid.  And don't ever - ever - stop writing.

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