Thursday, June 27, 2013


My sweet little boy at 10 months:
The kid loves to stand.  He's all about climing up on anything and everything he can reach.  His favorite is probably this gate, as he can do it easily, but he also began standing in his crib this month, as well as pulling himself up on cabinets, tables and the couch. 

He's getting pretty good at multi-tasking, and can bend and reach as he stands fairly effectively.
And the baby gate no longer contains him, because he's pretty sneaky and can get just about anywhere in our house.  Especially if you leave him alone for more than 30 seconds.
He climbed up through the gap in the railing, in case you were wondering.  Yep, that happened.
He loves to army crawl, but he's really working on lifting himself up off the ground into the more "traditional" crawl.


He loves to play with toys.  This is probably what he spends the majority of his time on.

And, of course, he loves to put things in his mouth.
He is having a tough time sleeping again.  Not through the night, thankfully, but he struggles to fall asleep during the day and wakes often because he's more interested in standing and playing.
When he sleeps, he loves to cuddle up with this quilt.  He'll settle for any blanket in a pinch, but his favorite is the blue and pink one that once belonged to Leah.  Okay, it's mostly pink with some blue.
He weighs 20.8 pounds, which means that his growth is slowing down from it's crazy rocket speed.  He wears12 month clothing, but I think he'll be in 18 mo by the time his birthday rolls around. 
He loves music and looooves to dance. 
He's practicing walking with support.
He is such a little mimicker.  I've heard him say the following words:
LeeLee (YeeYee)
Logan (Yogan)
He copies the dogs when they bark, and I swear the other day he was looking intently at the dog and said DOG and started barking. 
He recognizes tons of words, and if you ask him about most items in our home, he'll turn his body and look for them. 
He's an incredibly happy baby, until he's not.  He still screams often, and he likes to make himself miserable.  For example, he hates the sun, but he won't let me put a hat or sunglasses on him.  He'd much rather tell me about how much he hates being in the sun.  He gives me lots of panic attacks, because he screams as if he's on fire over the tiniest things.  I'm still programmed for his sister, because if Leah had ever screamed like that she really would have been on fire.  He does it as a matter of routine, and I don't think I'll ever get used to it.
This kid of mine.  I don't know what I'd do without him.  We love you to pieces, sweet baby.
Oh, how fast that first year goes.

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