Sunday, July 28, 2013


It's difficult for me to believe we've come to this point already.  It seems like just yesterday it was August and I was looking forward to his arrival. 

Almost an entire year has passed with our little guy - and oh it goes so fast!

At 11 months:

Logan weighs 21.8 pounds.  Wears size 3 diapers (when he wears disposables) and size 3 shoes.  That's right, he's reached the shoe-wearing phase of life.

He is hanging on by a thread in his 12 month clothing.  I am pretty sure he's going to last the summer, but for fall I'll definitely buy 18 mo.  He's not quite long enough for them yet, but getting him in and out of the 12 months is more and more challenging by the day.

{18 months - don't they fit nicely on our not yet one year old?!}

He is loving anything that allows him to stand.  Chairs, tables, walkers, cabinets, Mommy's legs... he's not particular.  As long as he can pull himself up, it's a winner in his book.

I've even caught him standing independently on an occassion (or two).
He has mastered the "traditional" crawl, as opposed to his army crawl.  Now, he barrels straight-armed across the floor.  It reminds me of a certain German dictator everytime he picks up his arms, except it's totally cute (and completely non-threatening).

He's a total whirlwind of motion.  I love these pictures:

...because they very acurately capture how difficult it is to take pictures of my little tornado. 
He still loves sister.
Pretty much more than anyone else.
If he could, he would do everything big sis does.  He desperately wants to be big.  He loves to swim, to dance, and he is a seriously good singer.  The kid can match pitch legitimately. 

His most frequented words are Mama, Daddy, Sis, This, That and Doggy.  If you are small and furry - anything from a bunny to a Sesame Street puppet - you shall be dubbed "Doggy."  If you ask him how old he is, he will hold up one finger. 

He also now gesticulates.  A lot.  He's super serious, and he wants everyone to know it.  "THIS!"pointyfinger for emphasis.  "THAT!"hand out Don'tCryForMeArgentina-style.  We're either raising the next JFK, or he'll become some sort of dramatic Shakespearean actor.

Pretty much the day after he turned 10 months, he gave up eating mashed baby food.  He now eats all the big boy stuff, and is downright insulted if you offer him soft fruit.  He'd much prefer the entire apple - that's right, the whole thing.

He still nurses 4 times a day, but (don't tell him) this will be ending tomorrow.  He's going on cow's milk, and we'll see how that goes.  I imagine he won't be giving it up without a fight.

He takes two naps and sleeps from about 7 to 5:15 on the dot.  I think we're about ready for the one nap transition, which might encourage him to sleep a little longer in the morning (please, please please love: tired mommy).

He loves to ride in the car and does a great job when we're out and about.  I can't tell you how many comments I get on how sweet and smiley he is, and it's true.  He is a little ham when we're in public, even though he does that cute little coy smile and look away gig when strangers talk to him. 

He has the greatest relationship with his grandpa.  Those two are just peas in a pod.  I love it, and I think he looks an awful lot like grandpa.

He is so silly, and is still enjoying his play time and anything having to do with toys.


He is a very, very good helper.  He adores the dishwasher, and likes to be involved when I'm in the kitchen.  Which, by the way, makes everything super easy on the dinner front.

He gives the greatest kisses, and lots of them.  He likes to suck and make the POPing sound when he gives kisses, so you're sure to come away with a lot of slobber love.

He truly is one of the most sweet and affectionate little guys I've ever met.  He is in a hugely adventurous phase of life, and I'm sure it's going to result in a tired mommy and quite a few ouchies, but it is so much fun to watch him take on the world.

We are so beyond blessed to have this boy in our family.  Boys are awfully special, and we think our little guy is tops.
Even if all my pictures are blury...
Happy 11 months to my beautiful baby boy!  WE LOVE YOU!!!!

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