Monday, July 1, 2013

Weekend Update. With enough stuff to live for a month.

So, you guys: traveling with two kids?  It requires enough stuff to sustain us for a month.  Which has prompted me to adopt a new motto.  Ready?

If you can stay two days, you might was well stay a month.

Okay, so we'll call it a work in progress.  I don't see any countries or businesses adopting this slogan any time soon.  Maybe some small country in Europe that nobody really likes.  Siberia or something similar. 

With our Daddy on hiatus (aka working, but I like to think of it as a vacation because it sure seems easier than what's happening here at home) for a week and a half, we packed up a long list of things and traveled down to my mom's for the weekend. 

Just for the record, here's a glimpse of the things we brought along for our Friday-Sunday staycation:

Pack and Play (for sleeping)
Sassy seat (for eating)
Bob double stroller
Logan's fave blanket
Five pairs biggirl underwear
15ish disposable diapers
6 pairs shorts
3 shirts
4 onesies
3 pairs socks
2 pairs shoes
3 teddies + teddy lovie
4 pairs jammies
2 swimsuits
4 bibs
2 bowls
1 set fork/spoon + 2 baby spoons
1 pack nitrate/nitrite free turkey
window fan
Dog food
2 dog bowls
2 dogs
2 kids
1 exhausted mom

See?  I didn't even mention the stuff I took for myself, and this was definitely packing "light."  I didn't take any babyfood, and for only the second time in my parenting career, one of my children ate baby food from a pouch.  And, sidenote: seriously?  How do you people afford this stuff????  I had to sell plasma just to pay for this food for a weekend and he eats solids. 

We've spent time in Littleton every summer since Leah has been alive (see 2010, 2011 and of course the entire summer 2012).  Guess what little thing didn't make the packing list this year?  Yeah, that would be the camera.  Oh well.  But we had an undocumentedly great time anyway. 

Leah loves to garden and play with the hose.  Logan loves to talk, and began crawling on his knees for short periods of time.  And talked.  Have I mentioned that kid can talk?

I love to walk through downtown Littleton.  Leah got her first pair of ballet slippers at the same shop where this picture was taken, which of course made me get all nostalgic. 

Why?  Because I am sappy.  And she is so grown up.  And my second will be at this phase super soon, although I probably won't force the tutu on him.  Probably. 

It's always good to be home, but it was nice to enjoy a bit of time with another adult in a different environment. 

And, after 11 days on our own, we're really, really looking forward to Daddy coming home!

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