Friday, June 10, 2011

Full-fledged Toddlerhood, party of one

Today, our darling girl is 15 months old. 

Not only has this past three months been perhaps my favorite phase so far, but it has been one of her most monumental in terms of development. 

At 15 months, Leah...

Is an excellent walker.  That girl can get pretty much anywhere she wants to.  We love baby gates.
Has perfected her "evil villain" laugh.
Loves to do things that make us laugh.
Helps put laundry in the washing machine, and from the washing machine to the dryer.
Refers to herself as Lee Lee (Yee Yee - melts my heart every time!).
Calls all birds - from flamingos to parrots to chickens to robins - Ducks. And we nod and tell her she's right.
Speaks somewhere between 40-50 words by our count.  Including....
     Eye                 Nose                           Cheek
     Mouth             Hand                           Hair
     Elbow             Knee                           Ear
     Toes               Arm                             Shoes
     Sock               Banana                        Cheese
     Yes                 No                               I love you
     Hi                   Duck                            Book
     Stuck              Back                            Hat
     Help               Yuck                            Trash
     Up                  Down                           On
     Off                  Go                               Water
     Mama             Dada                            Jess (as in auntie)
     Please             Thank you                    Jesus
     Night               Bob (the sheep she got for Easter)
                          ....and probably half a dozen or so more that I've forgotten.

Follows simple directions like, "will you take this to Daddy?" or "Will you get Mommy that pink block?"
Understands darn near everything I say to her.     
Has gotten so much more comfortable in her own skin and outgoing when it comes to being in unfamiliar situations.  She's really starting to come out of her shell.
Will walk up to strangers and say, "Hi!" in her cute little voice.
Hugs us around the knees when she's feeling particularly cuddly.
Follows me into the bathroom and declares, "HI!" with a gigantic grin on her face.
Her hair has grown out just enough that she no longer has the awesome 'hawk.  I kinda miss it.  Instead, she now has crazy, mad-scientist hair in the back.  Equally as awesome.
Climbed (once) up onto the couch completely unassisted.
Loves to build with blocks.
Wears size three diapers and size four shoes.
Is such a good sleeper!  She loves going to bed, and naps once a day for about 2 1/2 hours.
When you ask her if she wants to take a bath, she will stop whatever she is doing and climb the stairs all on her own.
Enjoys helping clean up in any way she can, including putting toys away and helping Mommy unload the dishwasher.

It's amazing to me that our little person is exactly that - a little person.  She has her very own specific set of likes and dislikes.  She'll tell you what she wants for lunch (and, just as importantly, what she doesn't want), and is definitely experimenting with the word NO.  Fortunately, she says it in her delicate, sing-song little voice, which softens the blow somewhat. 

Overall, though, she is easy-going and fun.  This post fails to express just how much joy she brings us every day, and the indescribable awe with which we watch her take on each new adventure. 

We couldn't love you any more, Big Lady, and we are blessed by each day we get to spend with you!!

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