Friday, February 28, 2014


It never ceases to amaze me how quickly time goes when it's measured in Baby.  Today, our sweet little Logan is 18 months old, which just blows my mind.  So very soon we'll be leaving all traces of babyhood behind, and inching closer to being a bonafide "kid."

18 months is always one of my favorite phases in life.  They're so adventurous, growing in independence and knowledge but still with that left-over sweet, loving spirit of babyhood. 

Some things about our little guy at 18 months (and Leah, for the record):
  • He is so funny, sweet and loving.  He absolutely loves to make people laugh, and he has the greatest belly-laugh that is so much fun to listen to.  You can't help but smile when you hear his great big laugh!

  • He is so friendly, and typically not shy at all.  He'll run up with arms outstretched and give the biggest hugs.  His favorite thing when we're out and about is to talk and wave to anyone in his general vicinity. 
  • He knows oh so many words, but he is in no way as clear and easy to understand as Sissy was.  I do a lot more interpreting with him, and he uses the same word for several different things.  He calls me Daddy.  Why, I have no idea, but I can't get him to stop.  
  • He is quite good at the two or three word sentences.  I do believe he's got Leah trumped at that; she was just beginning that process at 18 months.  Though, they also can require some interpretation.
  • Sometimes his sentences include noises, which I find hilarious.  He likes to give me reports on different things throughout the day, and will say things like "Sissy, woo woo!"  This can be translated to: Sissy is playing with trains!  "Logan, tweet tweet!" means "I hear a bird!"  It's new ground for me, as this is another example of something Leah didn't do, but I love it.  
  • Where Leah was very "academic" in the things she liked - she liked to count, loved anything to do with words and letters, knew her colors, etc - Logan is much more observational.  He isn't much interested in counting and learning letters or colors.  He likes to spot trucks and listen to birds and manipulate things and move his toys around.  He is much more into playing with toys than Leah ever was. 
  • He loves to color and scribble, and he's actually pretty good at it.  He likes playdough and is great at using a fork (for the record, Leah still struggles with those fine motor skills.  It's funny how they each have their own strengths!).

  • He loves to read, but he has a hard time sitting still for very long.  He's a big fan of board books, and his favorite by far is Brown Bear, Brown Bear, What do you see?  He loves to name all the animals in that book.
  • He loves animals generally, and is fascinated by Elephants (ella!!! Ella!!!)  He can name pretty much all the animals, everywhere.  He knows all their noises and is happy to tell you about them.
  •  He loves babies, and is sooo amazingly gentle.  And such a great helper, it's pretty amazing.  I am so lucky to have children who are geared that way!  I hope it keeps up once Baby is a permanent resident.  

  • With Leah, approaching two was a very surprising, confusing endeavor.  She was such a wonderful, rational and easy baby that when she began to show even a few irrational toddler behaviors, I was shocked and didn't know what to do.  Poor little Logan has been a toddler his entire life.  He is moody, cries for no reason, throws fits and screams bloody murder about crazy things I can't control, like when he's eaten all the peaches and there aren't any more.  Even at 18 months, he goes to time out... a lot.
  • He is also extremely brave, which isn't terribly helpful as he's not technically that coordinated yet.  He walks and runs really well, but he is absolutely accident-prone because he will inevitably find something, somewhere to trip and hurt himself on.  The child climbs chairs and falls on his head - and he won't stop!  You'd think once would be enough, but nope.  He knocked out part of his two front teeth on the faucet in the bathtub about a month ago, and now has sharp little vampire teeth (sob from the mommy).  There is just no such thing as baby proofing for this one, he is clever and determined and finds ways to get what he wants - and isn't deterred by things that I think will deter him. It's going to be an adventure, raising this one, for sure.
  • He wears size 4 diapers, size 5/6 shoes, and 2T clothing.  He's actually in an in-between phase where his 18 months are too small but 2T are just too big.  18-24 would be perfect, except I know there's no sense investing in them, since he'll have outgrown them by May.
  • He is a really good sleeper and typically sleeps from 7-6 and naps for about an hour and a half during the day.  He absolutely loathes waking up, especially from naps.

 And of course, as is the custom by now, we had to have a little celebration.

And, though the's pictures don't adequately show it, our little guy love, love, loves cupcakes (and anything sweet)!

We love you, darling boy.  We are so very blessed to have you in our family!

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