Wednesday, February 5, 2014

Kids' room design board

Well, I suppose for the sake of documentation, I should note that my beloved Broncos went to the Super Bowl.  And, since we're on that documentation gig, they looosed.  Big.  But, they went, which is saying something. 

And, although the question came up about a million times, I can't say I buy the hype that an amazing season and his entire legacy was "tarnished" by this loss.  One of my favorite articles on why failure - his, ours, any - is not just part of life, but an important part, can be found here.  Go Broncos!

But, on to happier topics... it's that time again!  We'd be remiss if there wasn't something happening on the remodel front in our house.  

We haven't been completely lazy; in January, we (and by "we," I fully mean Casey) remodeled our downstairs powder room.  Pictures of that are forthcoming.  Probably.

And now, we're on to the kids' room.  We're hoping to move Leah and Logan in together by summer, which will give us enough time to do the nursery before the baby gets here.  I have to say, one of the biggest things I missed when I was pregnant with Logan was sitting around in a newly completed nursery, dreaming of the baby.  It sounds so superficial, but I spent hours sitting in our nursery with Leah, rocking in that fresh new rocking chair, rubbing my belly and daydreaming about our sweet baby to be.  It was utterly peaceful, and one of my absolute happiest memories of being pregnant.  There were so many worries with Logan, I had no idea where we'd be and whether he would even have a nursery. I am really looking forward to the process of designing a special space for this baby!

So, the first step on that path is to get our current occupant out of the nursery...

Without further ado, I give you the design board for the kids' room:

I put this together using Olioboard, which is a neat program, although admittedly I don't know how to use it perfectly.  It helps to begin to compile all those ideas together in one place.

I was probably most inspired by this image:

...which I love for more reasons than I can count.  The simple color scheme.  The texture on the wall.  Those absolutely fabulous lights.  The letters on the wall.  Though we'll definitely be changing things up to make it work for our family, and as a girl-boy room, I imagine you'll see a lot of these influences in the finished product.  

Some things it will have: 

1. Planked walls

We're thinking a single accent wall, against which the bunk beds will sit.  I'm really loving the simplicity of white right now - which is 180 degrees the opposite my usual taste - but there's no way I could have an entirely white room.  I need my color!

2. Bunk beds
Obviously.  I love this one in the hopes that it will be something that can grow with our kids for years to come.

3. Art wall

I love the combination of traditional art prints, highlighting the kids' own creations and some wordy, inspiring sayings. Definitely including this watercolor print and something along the lines of this.

4. Reading nook.

Me and my love of words as art... what could be more natural than displaying those books rather than shoving them, unseen, in a bookcase?

5. Vintage industrial accents

How adorable is that red alarm clock?!  LOVE IT!

The challenge, of course, will be to make it work without being either too feminine or too masculine.  I think the "vintage" look will allow us to do that, sprinkling in a little that's girly and a little that's rough and tumble.  My goal here is to give the kids a room that they'll be able to grow in and - fingers crossed - still feel comfortable in five years from now.  

We'll see!  I'm excited about the thought of getting started on this special space for our little sweeties.  I'll keep you posted on the progress... {bearing in mind the goal is summer, don't hold your breath!}

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