Sunday, August 31, 2014

Logan 2.0

Our little Logan is two!  If you need me, I'll be in the corner retrieving my jaw off the floor; two really snuck up on me!

Some things about our little guy at two:

...Logan loves to play dress up.  Actually, it may be that Leah loves to play dress up and Logan is that sweet brother who gets excited about (everything) anything she is excited about.  It is a regular occurrence in our house for him to play life-size doll and allow Big Sis to dress him up.  He's currently into princess play heels, but I think it might have more to do with the fact that he can run around and they make a fabulous and wonderfully loud CLOP!-ing noise.

 ...has the greatest vocabulary in the world.  Half of his words are virtually unrecognizable unless you're accustomed to listening to it.  "Water bottle" is zsa zsa (as in Gabor) baba.  "Coffee" is saucy.  "Fire truck" is sire cuck.  It's completely ridiculous - and I absolutely adore it.  The child has a word for everything under the sun, and more often than not he's dead on... assuming you can figure out what the heck he's trying to say.  Luckily for him, Leah totally gets him and can act as his interpreter on the occasions that even Dad and I can't figure out what the heck he's talking about.  I still maintain that he has a bigger vocabulary than Leah did at his age, but where she was adamant about pronouncing everything correctly, he's not concerned in the least.  And, he will repeat, and repeat, and repeat again what he said until he's really sure that you understand what he's trying to say.  And if you repeat his words instead of the real ones he was trying to say?  Lord almighty, that kid just says them LOUDER and with MORE GUSTO!!!! {Love him!}

...Is great about saying please and thank you.  Everything ends with please, and more recently, "oh pretty please?"  

...He is amazingly coordinated, maybe even more than Sister is even still.  Yes, he falls a ton (and thankfully doesn't mind the falling), but he also is great at using his fork, almost never spills if I give him a cup without a lid, he can throw or kick a ball and my guess is he'll be riding a bike without training wheels even before his big sis.  He has waaaaay more physical dexterity than Leah had at his age. 

...In typical boy fashion, he loves things that move: diggers and buses and cars and airplanes.  If he hears an airplane, he'll stop to tell you about it and try to find it in the sky.  It's funny to watch, because it is just innate; nature over nurture for sure, because Leah couldn't have cared less about those things.  

...Every day and everything he does is just a huge, joyful adventure. He reminds me of Bullseye from Toy Story: he is loving and affectionate, almost always smiling and enthusiastic, and never short of exuberance over even the smallest thing.  

...He still has his Kankles!  His adorable, chubby baby legs.  Even as I write this, he's getting a little leaner and a little longer; a little more boy-ish and a little less like that sweet chunky baby who looked as if he had rubber bands around his ankles and wrists, so I'm loving every second of these:

...Is potty trained! (WAAAHOO!!)  He made it in about 2 months shy of his 2nd birthday, and, although he still has accidents, he's doing great.  I'm loving having only one in diapers at a time.

...He loves to read, and will ask you to eed gook, tease? several times a day.  I'm not sure he has a favorite, he likes variety. 

...His favorite show is Caillou.  And, just let me tell you how excited I am that we're not done with Caillou yet.  Good times.  

...He wears 2T clothing and size 6 shoes, although did you see how chunky his feet are?  He's a tough fit when it comes to shoes.  

...He adores this Tiger shirt with everything in him.  He calls it his Kruger shirt (Kruger is the lion at the zoo, so he's pretty close), and asks to wear it pretty much every day.  He's a little devastated if you have to tell him it's dirty or in the wash.

...On that note, he adores animals, and would go to the zoo every day if he could.  It's definitely his happy place.

...He loves to help and have a job.  He's really good about emptying the dishwasher or letting the dog out, and feels so proud of himself when he can accomplish something and do a task.

...Is so unbelievably easy.  In the last month or two we've seen our first hints of what he'll be like in the "terrible" twos, but overwhelmingly he's easy to talk out of tantrums or issues.  He goes along with almost everything you suggest, and is typically excited about it to boot.  Such a different experience than where Leah was when she turned two!
But, let's face it: he is still 2, after all!
...This is the second time I've heard from people, particularly the teachers at church, how helpful and kind my children are.  Logan loves to share with other kids, and doesn't do the grabbing thing toddlers so often do.  He also loves to hang out with adults and help them as they go about their leadership tasks.

...He loves both of his sisters so unbelievably much.  I adore his gentleness, kindness and patience with them.  In addition to being an amazing big sister most of the time, Leah can be a bit bossy and demanding of him, and the vast majority of the time he handles it with such grace.  He almost never gets mad or retaliates when she's being too much, and almost always goes along with whatever she asks of him.  He could not be more gentle with the baby - he literally is as delicate as he is capable of being around her, and he adores her.  

I love the special bond that these two share!  Having a third has been so much easier than the transition from one to two, and largely that's because they have each other.  

Happy 2nd birthday, my big boy!  We are so very, very proud of the amazing little person you are becoming!  Thank you for sharing these last two years with us.

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