Monday, September 29, 2014

Hawaii, here we come!

One of my favorite places in the whole world: Hawaii.

Not that I'm such a seasoned traveler, but I have been there twice before, and both times it was awesome.

Casey and I are saying Aloha in just a few days.  Back in May, he received an offer to do a show on Oahu, and, pregnant as I was, I do believe I threatened the "D" word unless I got to go along, too.  Hmmm.... stay home by myself with three small children while husband goes gallivanting off to Hawaii?!  Unlikely!

As it so happens, it will also be our six year wedding anniversary, too.  Spending that in paradise seems like a great way to celebrate in my book!

Besides that, the truth is that in almost twelve years together, we've never been anywhere together.  Sure, we took a cruise to South America (with his family) in 2006.  Yes, we spent a weekend in Las Vegas in 2008 and a weekend in NYC in 2011.  But, seriously... that's it.  We got married twice, but never once took a honeymoon: the first time, we got married on Friday and I had recently been given the opportunity to start a new job on Monday; the second, I was three months pregnant with Leah.

So, despite the fact that I'm only seven weeks post-partum (surely a humbling experience when the beach is involved...), the two big ones are being watched by a variety of grandparents and Livvy and I are off to join Daddy.

And you know what?  I can't wait!

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