Thursday, October 9, 2014

Roundup, Hawaii style

There really is nothing better than Hawaii.  Casey and I had such a wonderful trip - beyond words.  And our newest addition is just the sweetest little thing ever.

It's funny, because when I look back at Logan in hindsight, he was so stinkin much work I can't believe it.  At the time, though, in that just getting through haze, I didn't think he was so bad.  So when I say that Livvy is easy, it's not because I'm lost in a fog of unreality.  I know the difference now between hard and easy, and Miss Olivia is as easy as they come.  Not every second of every day, but overall - easy peasy.

I flew with her - the first time I've ever flown with any child, I might add - first to Salt Lake City, and then another six hours to Honolulu without any assistance.  I was really nervous, in part because I just don't like flying, but also because I had no idea how she'd do.  Would she cry the whole time?  Would I be that lady on a six hour trans-pacific flight?  Would the other passengers revolt and toss me out?  Turns out, my fears were entirely unnecessary - she didn't make a peep the entire time.  Sure, she woke to eat, but mostly she just slept, and was completely and totally content so long as I was holding her, which of course was always.

Casey was working for the first two days of our stay in Honolulu, but he had a hotel room at a beautiful resort on Waikiki beach, so Livvy and I had no trouble keeping ourselves contented.  Actually, the day we arrived, I had a fabulous time ordering sushi to the room and watching Once Upon a Time - which sounds a little sad considering we were in Hawaii, but I can't even begin to explain how awesome it was.  Olivia slept beside me and I laid in bed and watched TV and ate goodies... that is my current idea of the perfect night!

I was again worried that she might wake up through the night because of all the sleeping she'd done on the plane, but she was no problem.  We both went to bed around 8 and she didn't wake me until 1.  It was awesome.

The next day, we spent the morning hanging out with daddy at his beach-front event, and even tried on a swimsuit to hang by the pool.

Though, of course, neither of us could actually go in the water, we were perfectly happy to alternate laying by the pool and napping in the hotel room.  

When Casey had finished work, we still had a few days all to ourselves.  It was a wonderful, busy experience, and so awesome to have time to ourselves, just the three of us.  We kept plenty busy:

We took in a luau and show at the Polynesian Cultural Center, where we got completely and totally drenched walking around during a serious rain storm.

We visited Pearl Harbor.  I've been there once before, just before the one year anniversary of Columbine.  It was quite a different experience this time through...

We enjoyed some beautiful, quiet time at the beach, and even took turns going in the ocean (though I'm not going to show you those photos, because there is little so humbling as wearing a bathing suit less than two months after having your third baby).

It was hot.  And worse?  It was HUMID.  I like to drink my water, not inhale it.

We hiked a volcano and enjoyed a beautiful, scenic overlook of Waikiki.

We enjoyed amazing sunsets and delicious food - most of which for me was sushi.  I'm pretty sure I had sushi all but one night we were there!

Even with the brand new baby, we were able to accomplish everything we had wanted to do, with the exception of para-sailing or glass bottom boat, because Olivia was too small to be allowed on a boat.  The best part, though, was just spending that precious time together. 

We definitely don't get enough, and this was as close we've had to true one on one time in literally years.  It was wonderful!  And to top it off, we celebrated our anniversary overlooking the sunset on a beach.  I don't think it gets much better than that!

Miss Olivia couldn't have been better the entire trip.  Although, I will say that is unsettling how often people will stop and talk to you when you're traveling alone with a tiny baby.  Stop.  Talk.  Touch... I can't even begin to count the number of times strangers would go out of their way to oogle the baby, which should be a compliment but left me feeling more than a little overwhelmed.  Particularly because they often wanted to tell me their life stories down to details I should never have been privy to about their children and grandchildren.  I have always thought of myself as an extrovert, but the experience left me thinking that perhaps after a year and a half at home with my children, I've become a little more introverted than I used to be.  

It was a wonderful, memorable trip.  I am so grateful that we were able to spend that time together!

And it definitely has fueled our resolve: this is something we should be investing in as our children grow!  Vacations are the perfect place to build wonderful family memories!

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