Thursday, October 16, 2014

9 weeks, then and now

The best part of having daughters?

October, 2014 - 9 weeks old

May, 2010 - 9 weeks old
I am loving seeing these outfits again, four and a half years later!  

Not to mention, the rather uncanny resemblance between my girls.

This one's not quite as good because of the age difference:

June, 2010 - 3 months old

October, 2014 - 7 weeks old

 Olivia is such a good mix of our two older children.  Her face is shaped more like Logan's, and she's got a lot of Leah's features, though the truth is that who she looks most like varies from day to day.

November, 2012 - 9ish weeks (for comparison)
Seeing our little girl in these clothes evokes so, so many very specific memories of that other kid when she wore them: her first smile, going to doctor's appointments or other events, first trips to the zoo and so many others.  It has been so neat to reminisce, and to see that sweet little lady wear the clothes I felt so lucky to have the first time through.

May 2010 - Leah wore this hat exactly once... I smooshed it on as best I could for this picture, but after this, her head was way too big.
October 2014 - Miss Livvy still has a ways to go!
 And just in case you were wondering what can change in four and a half years, I give you exhibit A:

 Come to think of it, I was wrong before.  This is definitely the best part of having girls.

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