Saturday, October 25, 2014

My dynamic duo

In the spirit of Halloween, we had to do a little practicing for the Big Night.

The Amazing Leah and Super Logan made the rounds on trick or treat street, and loved every second!

Although, we very quickly had to lose the mask, as it was impairing Super Logan's ability to walk straight.   

Though, we did learn that if you dress as "unidentified" superheroes, people will grasp at straws to make you into something they recognize.  "OH!  Wonder Woman!  The Hulk!  Captain America... wait, no he was a boy... A NINJA TURTLE!!!"  No, people.  It's okay, they can be super without being affiliated with Marvel.

We also spent a little time at the Train Museum, which was a brand new one for us.  The kids (Logan in particular) loved the opportunity to ride on and explore the trains.

Plus, there were a few good photo ops for our heroes to exploit.

Super Logan, looking cool and calm after stopping that run-away train.

A few action shots!

And, of course, our tiniest super one... 

...who was less than concerned about concealing her super secret identity.

Though we were short a daddy, the four of us greatly enjoyed our adventures.

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