Tuesday, April 7, 2015

Easter this, plus a husband

It is worth noting: we had our very first Easter with our daddy this year!  

Okay, so maybe not our first Easter ever, but certainly the only one I can remember in quite a few years.  Although, as I look through my photos, you can't really tell!  I suppose the proof will have to rest in the fact that I am in several photos, and I couldn't take them myself.

We started off our Easter festivities by attending our neighborhood egg hunt.  We've never been able to attend before; one year we had something else scheduled and one year it was cancelled because the neighborhood was buried under 3 feet of snow.  Can I just say?  I love our neighborhood!

There were SO many people.  They did three VERY full heats of egg hunting, and even with hundreds of eggs they were scooped up in no time.

We have never actually done an organized egg hunt before.  We always felt somebody was too little to have much fun with it, but this year was absolutely perfect!

They were so happy!  It went fast, but the kids really enjoyed hunting and chasing the eggs.

How adorable are these pictures, right?  Just in case you were thinking that my family is adorable, poseable and super photogenic, let me just show you what happens each and every time I say, "Everybody smile for the camera!"

Yep.  One looks left, one looks right, and absolutely nobody looks at mom.  Oh well.  Bless you, digital camera.  Above said adorable shots were eventually obtained because I told them that they couldn't have any candy until they looked at the camera. Yup.  The only mom above bribery is the foolish mom.

And... proof(ish) that Casey was there:

Okay, I know Casey isn't actually in this one.  I know.  But he took the photo, otherwise I'd never ever get to be in one.  It counts.

They also got to meet the Easter bunny, who, I'm afraid, we've decided to debunk with the truth: there is no Easter bunny.  I know, we're horrible parents.  But we couldn't quite wrap our heads around the purpose of the Easter bunny (giant anthropomorphic rabbit who breaks into your house, hides your stuff and leaves you presents?  WHYYYY????!!) and there seemed to be too many conflicting messages about what exactly we celebrate on this holiday.  It was time to narrow the field and make sure they know the BIG reason this day is worth celebrating.  

They were still excited to see the guy in a giant bunny costume, so I'm pretty sure there was no harm done. 

The next day was Easter, and I was so excited about their baskets!

You won't find much candy; instead, we chose things that the kids would enjoy for the upcoming summer season: jammies, sandals, band aids, a headband or hat, and pool toys.  On each item, I found a Bible verse that corresponded with what the item was.  Leah had so much fun reading each little verse!  The others... well, they'll have to wait a few years to jump in on this tradition, what with the not being able to read. 

But they enjoyed their baskets, just the same!  Though Heaven forbid I should get them all looking at the camera at the same time.

This year, I've gotten into the habit of making cinnamon rolls for Sunday breakfasts before church.  We enjoyed our breakfast, dressed up and headed to church for an awesome message. 

Hah!  All five looking at the camera.  Win.

Later that day, my family came over for an Easter egg hunt and for dinner.  The kids loved running around to find the eggs we'd dyed earlier in the week!

Leah is ever my little mother.  She loved shepherding cousin Greyson around and helping him find the eggs.

Despite the fact that my family only lives about 45 minutes away, it is extremely rare for us all to be together at the same time.  So it was especially precious and fun to see the kids together.

And, of course, Nana and all the grandkids.

My poor sweet Livvy was running a fever and getting ready to break her first teeth, so she was not particularly thrilled with the afternoon's goings on.  She was especially clingy, and on the generally miserable side. 

But OH, that face!  How can I resist her?

It was a wonderful day, and such a happy memory!

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