Saturday, April 4, 2015


90 DAYS!!!

8 months post-partum.

How many inches did I lose?


Look at what an enormous difference... I just can't believe it.

The immeasurables are pretty significant.  I feel amazing.  So, so much better.  I am strong.  Flexible.  My endurance is way up.  I have no idea the difference in my weight, although I am kind of wishing that I had chosen to keep track.  Either way, I'm close or already fitting into clothes that I haven't worn since shortly after Leah was born.  I've set the clock back about 4 years, which is hugely significant in my world.

I'm not a particularly vain or insecure person.  But I missed feeling like me, and I have definitely gotten that back.  It is a very nice feeling!

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