Monday, March 14, 2016

A birthday skating party

One of the best parts about having a big girl is watching her do big kid things.

I know, that sounds a little hokey, right?  But it's true.  She'll always be the first, so each and every phase will be a new and amazing step for both her and our family. 

She chose roller skating for her birthday this year.  And it was totally new, and totally amazing. 

And, because it was at the skating rink, it was also a little hot, sweaty, sticky and smelly... but mostly, it was amazing. 

We did something of an early 90's theme, with bright neon colors and accessories straight out of a Wham! video.  

The cake, per birthday girl request, was Oreo through and through.

Just like with ice skating last year, I was worried that the kids would have a miserable time.  This was Leah's first time roller skating, and I was very unsure about how things would go. 

Luckily, everybody had a wonderful time, whether they skated or not! 

Strike a pose was definitely on the agenda that day for our birthday girl.  She's got a little Madonna in "Vogue" on the brain!

I can't imagine why.

What can I say?  I'm a sucker for that happy face.   

She had a wonderful time at her party.  We love the opportunity to make these moments special.

Happy birthday to our wonderful, wild and lovely six year old.  We love you!

And, because it's always fun to remember what brought us here: 

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